Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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ZipMex Gets 3 Months Protection from Singapore Court

The top crypto exchange in Asia, Zipmex, announced that it had obtained protection from any action from creditors from the Singapore High Court for...

Monera Implements a Hard Fork, Additional Privacy Implemented

Widely used privacy coin Monero finished a hard fork on 13th august. The hard fork included additional privacy and security features. Developers originally revealed the...

Hack Causes Stablecoin aUSD to Plunge 95%

The Polkadot-based decentralized finance (DeFi) network Acala saw its aUSD stablecoin collapse by 99% after cybercriminals leveraged a weakness in its liquidity pool, adding...

Your Gateway to Web3 is Here: Minting of NFT Domain Names Live on Quik.com

NFT domains have improved the way domains are used and managed online in every aspect. Unlike conventional domain names, they are not administered by...

Philippines Suspends New Applications for Crypto Licenses

Applications for cryptocurrency licenses will no longer be accepted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in the Philippines after this month for three years. The...

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The cryptocurrency revolution started with bitcoin's enigmatic mastermind, Satoshi Nakamoto.
Bitcoin is the premier digital currency that utilizes an open, decentralized ledger to record transactions. The technology used for creating such a public ledger is called blockchain. As a peer-to-peer network, it employs and rewards miners who verify cryptocurrency transactions made.
Bitcoin news section aims to keep you updated with Bitcoin's current developments and trends.


Our team has curated comprehensive guides, after extensive research, that encompasses cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.
Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts' most pressing questions are answered here. Whether you're a beginner asking, "What is a digital currency?" or want to learn about different consensus protocols, our team is delighted to help you.

Bitcoin is not managed by a centralized authority, like a bank, but utilizes a decentralized ledger, called blockchain to record transactions. A digital wallet stores the private key for every BTC address, and it facilitates its trading. Transactional history of these coins is stored in blocks that are included in a chain, originating from its Genesis block. Supply and demand and competition are the factors affecting its price.
This section will keep you abreast with Bitcoin's market valuation and its price trend predictions.


This section on Chaintimes covers stories related to moguls, up and coming leaders, and influential organizations in the crypto industry. Discussions over whether Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi, will ever resurface. History and the most probable predictions for blockchain technology, and other cryptocurrencies will be included in this section.


This section is your go-to encyclopedia for all things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Chaintimes 101 provides an in-depth crash course for blockchain and crypto beginners. Learn about the journey of industry moguls and their experience in the subsection: People. Explained subsection elaborates on topics mentioned in Chaintimes 101.

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FDIC Does Not Cover Crypto Deposits: FDIC Fact Sheet

The FDIC warns the general public that non-bank organizations and non-deposit items, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies, are not covered by deposit insurance. An explanation...