Friday, September 17, 2021

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Central bank’s official says cryptocurrency cannot be adopted as a means of payment in Uzbekistan.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cannot be recognized as legal tender in Uzbekistan, and that's unlikely to ever change, a central bank official told Spot this week. Speaking...

Hong Kong landlords lease out commercial office space to crypto firms following regulatory clarity.

Hongkong Land, a property landlord in Hong Kong, has leased out commercial office space to a local crypto-asset firm named HashKey Group, following clarity around cryptocurrency...

US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler shares his views on crypto regulation in a senate testimony.

The US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, in testimony before the U.S. Senate, offered some insight into how he sees crypto regulations will look. Gensler...

MicroStrategy has acquired 5,050 Bitcoin for approximately $243 million.

MicroStrategy, the US-based business intelligence firm, recently announced that the company has acquired 5,050 Bitcoin for approximately $243 million in cash. According to an...

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The cryptocurrency revolution started with bitcoin's enigmatic mastermind, Satoshi Nakamoto.
Bitcoin is the premier digital currency that utilizes an open, decentralized ledger to record transactions. The technology used for creating such a public ledger is called blockchain. As a peer-to-peer network, it employs and rewards miners who verify cryptocurrency transactions made.
Bitcoin news section aims to keep you updated with Bitcoin's current developments and trends.


Our team has curated comprehensive guides, after extensive research, that encompasses cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.
Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts' most pressing questions are answered here. Whether you're a beginner asking, "What is a digital currency?" or want to learn about different consensus protocols, our team is delighted to help you.

Bitcoin is not managed by a centralized authority, like a bank, but utilizes a decentralized ledger, called blockchain to record transactions. A digital wallet stores the private key for every BTC address, and it facilitates its trading. Transactional history of these coins is stored in blocks that are included in a chain, originating from its Genesis block. Supply and demand and competition are the factors affecting its price.
This section will keep you abreast with Bitcoin's market valuation and its price trend predictions.


This section on Chaintimes covers stories related to moguls, up and coming leaders, and influential organizations in the crypto industry. Discussions over whether Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi, will ever resurface. History and the most probable predictions for blockchain technology, and other cryptocurrencies will be included in this section.


This section is your go-to encyclopedia for all things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Chaintimes 101 provides an in-depth crash course for blockchain and crypto beginners. Learn about the journey of industry moguls and their experience in the subsection: People. Explained subsection elaborates on topics mentioned in Chaintimes 101.

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UK FCA says more powers are needed to regulate crypto promotions and advertisements.

The U.K.'s financial services regulator has said more powers are needed to regulate cryptocurrency promotions and advertisements over concerns that there is still serious scope for...

Simon Nixon-owned firm plans to increase its crypto investments.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Adam Proctor, managing director for Nixon’s investment firm Seek Ventures, said that the company intends to increase crypto investments....

Crypto exchange CoinDCX joins the Advertising Standards Council of India.

Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX has reportedly joined the Advertising Standards Council of India following Delhi Hight Court's notice regarding ad disclaimers from crypto exchanges....

US CFTC clarifies its role in regulating cryptocurrencies.

The Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Dawn DeBerry Stump, has addressed a widespread "misunderstanding about U.S. regulatory delineations," which suggests that the agency...