Thursday, May 19, 2022

A New Move-to-Earn Token Explodes by Over 243% in Just a Week

The Takeaway:

A small-cap altcoin, FITFI, which enables users to earn tokens through active involvement like walking, outperforms the crypto market.

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The new move-to-earn Step App (FITFI) is a Web 3.0 digital fitness protocol that combines exercise, socializing, gaming, and cryptocurrency earning into one package.

Fit Finance is abbreviated as FITFI. Users will be able to buy digital sneakers in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of the app’s gaming features. Two other coins – SNEAK and KCAL are used in the FITFI ecosystem.

According to the project’s lite paper,

Step Staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, and burns are part of the app token economy. These are fueled by the demand generated by gameplay rewards and game economy worth.

The governance token is the FITFI coin. Ecosystem fees aid these. The in-game token is the KCAL token. KCAL tokens are obtained by running or staking a SNEAK and are also used to purchase new SNEAKs. 

FITFI supporters gain tickets to attend NFT drop events when new collections are unveiled.

Step App was launched in the 4th quarter of 2021 and already had over 113,000 sign-ups before its recent beta launch.

The project’s website states that “The leading technologies in metaverse power the Step Apperse, augmented reality, and blockchain” to assist users in achieving their fitness objectives while simultaneously competing with other users.

Exchanges Listing FITFI 

FITFI was listed on the Singapore-based and Hong Kong exchange Huobi marketplace last week. 

Michael van de Poppe, a well-known crypto analyst, is especially interested in the investment potential of the new fitness-oriented crypto niche.

Van de Poppe tweets the below:

“It’s likely that the entire move-to-earn momentum will continue.

FITFI and XCAD [XCAD Network] should go well, in my opinion.”

The Step App token debuted on Tuesday for $0.187, gradually rising to a high of $0.642 on May 1st, representing a 243 % increase.

FITFI has since experienced some choppy corrective price movement, trading for $0.538 at the time of writing, down 5.84%.

Other Recently Launched NFTs 


Yubo is a social live streaming tool that allows you to interact with friends worldwide.

Yubo just launched Yubo Randos, its first NFT collection. The collection’s motto is that everyone needs a rando. They’re generally the most memorable persons when you reflect on difficult or significant events.

Users of the Yubo app have the unique right to send, share, and pin their Rando NFT. Later this year, Yubo wants to launch exclusive events and live streaming for Rando NFT owners. July 2022 will be the first private event.

Crypto Baristas 

Crypto Baristasis a new NFT drop made for caffeine addicts. This set of 60 tokens shows 60 different baristas, each with their own unique approach to making the best coffee.

The sale of Crypto Baristas NFTs is intended to collect funds to open a physical coffee cafe in New York City. The shop will enable Crypto Baristas holders and admirers to develop a community.

This NFT has other coffee perks too. Existing and future Crypto Baristas cafes will offer a lifetime discount to their token holders.


This 10,000-character collection, including pickles, skeletons, and cats, has swept the NFT market. Each of these Doodle is hand-made by illustrator Scott Martin.

Unlike previous projects, token holders have a say in how the community moves forward. Owning a Doodle gives you a say in how the Doodlebank, a $5 million financial reserve, is utilized to fund new projects and initiatives.

Invisible Friends

The Invisible Friends NFT collection is another new NFT. Each piece of art portrays an invisible individual dressed up and looping a single act. While that may appear straightforward, animating 5,000 separate figures is challenging. Each character must move fluently while balancing stuff in their hands or on their heads. From a technical perspective, it is one of the best NFTs. 

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