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Money has evolved over the years from the barter system to metals to paper, but somehow its developmental nature has been cordoned off by our brains. This oversight has led to mistrust in digital assets and blockchain, that is erringly considered synonymous to cryptocurrency. At Chaintimes, we strive to rectify this misconception by providing factual and unbiased information related to crypto industry and blockchain technology.

Chaintimes editors and writers are passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency and strictly adhere to Journalism’s code of ethics when reporting the news.

Our editorial content is comprised of unbiased news, informative analysis, and opinion pieces.
We also aim to be cryptocurrency’s comprehensive encyclopedia to provide a more in-depth understanding of the industry and its technology.

The democratic digital revolution is accredited to the ingenious Satoshi Nakamoto, and his identity is the most hotly debated topic in this sector. Our community section, rife with discussions about their potential identity, welcomes your participation.

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We are grateful for our professional and passionate team of writers that assure prompt and high-quality content for Chaintimes. News is objectively reported, and it is in strict accordance with Journalism’s code of ethics.

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