Thursday, May 19, 2022

Charles Carter

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Charles is an experienced researcher with a Master of Public Administration degree from Humber College, Canada. Apart from being fascinated about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he loves to drive around the town in his collection of cars.

Indian authorities warn against dealing in cryptocurrencies

Currently, there are no clear regulations regarding cryptocurrencies in India. The Reserve Bank of India denied providing any services to crypto exchanges and other...

Facebook’s Libra seen as a threat at the Basel G-7 meeting

Since Facebook announced its decision to launch Libra next year, authorities from all over the world are questioning intentions of the social media giant.... is on Sale

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Is bitcoin ban imminent? Will Libra’s execution turn into a myth: Crypto In-Shorts

Crypto bulletin Reddit up to the hilt with shills  Subreddit r/cryptocurrency and r/crypto markets are inundated with shills according to an investigation by Redditor CryptoMaximalis. The...