Tuesday, May 17, 2022

David Hayes

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David got to know about bitcoin back in 2012 and has never looked back since, writing and exploring about cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. He used to write for his own blog before joining ChainTimes as a writer and market research executive in 2017.

Bakkt flops on day one, only 72 bitcoin contracts traded.

After many delays and much anticipation, Bakkt finally launched its bitcoin futures trading contracts yesterday. The ICE backed Bakkt's first day ended in disappointment....

Cubans are taking the crypto route to avoid US sanctions

According to a Reuters report, people in Cuba are using cryptocurrencies to get past US regulations. Cubans struggle to make international transactions as they can...

Bitcoin price sees red, pattern leaves analysts confused: Crypto In-Shorts

Crypto bulletin Wagering education for cryptocurrency Meijo Gakuin Educational Corporation is under investigation for misusing the school's funds. The corporation's chairwoman and board members illicitly funneled...