Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Bitcoin miner maker Canaan reported $68 million in net revenues in 2020.

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Hangzhou-based bitcoin mining hardware maker Canaan disclosed its earning reports for Q4 on Monday, saying it generated net revenue of $68 million in 2020.

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Chinese Bitcoin mining hardware maker Canaan estimates its Q1 revenue to be not less than 400 million yuan, or $61 million, which is already close to what it made for the year 2020. The bitcoin mining hardware maker disclosed its earning reports for Q4 on Monday, saying it made a gross profit of $5.8 million on net revenue of $68 million for 2020. That means the average price for its 6.6 million terahashes second of computing power sold in 2020 was $10 per TH/s, which is much lower than the market average.


Canaan still recorded a net loss for 2020. 

Factoring in interests and expenses, the Chinese bitcoin mining hardware maker still recorded a net loss for 2020, but the net loss narrowed to $33.0 million from a whopping $150 million in 2019. Notably, bitcoin’s surging prices during Q4 didn’t help boost Canaan’s revenue for the quarter as it “did not have sufficient inventory to deliver to its customers.” Amid a global chip shortage, major bitcoin mining equipment makers in China do not have spot inventory but have been selling equipment on a preorder basis. 


Canaan expects revenues will improve in 2021.

Canaan’s contract liability was nearly $66 million as of December 31 for the preorders it received from mining clients that are due for shipment this year. “As the price of bitcoin started to move up in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Company believes that its revenue will be substantially improved in 2021 and expects that its total net revenues in the first quarter of 2021 will be not less than RMB400.0 million [$61 million],” the firm said in the filing. Bitcoin has witnessed a massive rally this year as its price reached new all-time highs several times. 

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