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Catch the train to destination Web 3.0 right now with NFT domain names from

The Takeaway:

As a result of the superior blockchain technology they are based on, NFT domain names are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. As a decentralized digital asset, NFT domain names are produced and minted on the blockchain and provide full ownership to the owner without needing a third party to intervene. Unlike traditional domain names, they can focus on a far broader range of applications.

As a bonus, NFT domain names will be used to host decentralized websites on Web 3.0 in the future. As a result, they serve as your pass to Web 3.0. Once you own them, you can run your decentralized personal web pages without having to respond to any questions or be regulated by a third-party overseer. You don’t even have to keep on paying the renewal price because there is none, unlike ordinary domains.

After knowing these advantages and applications of NFT domain names, let us know how we can get our hand on the same. Here’s where can help you get started with Web3. 

What kind of NFT domains are available for minting on

An NFT domain name marketplace called enables customers to mint, purchase, and sell any number of crypto domains they like. offers a wide range of NFT domain names. Currently, .metaverse, .vr, .chain, .address, .i, .bored, .doge, .shib, .btc, and web3 are available. Your chosen NFT domain name can be linked to any of the TLDs offered by, all registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

To mint your NFT domain:

  • Connect your Metamask or trust wallet to the website and then visit the main page to acquire a free one. 
  • A list of TLDs is available. has a sophisticated search tool that you may use to search for your NFT domain name if you know which one you prefer. 
  • The mint button will indicate that your NFT domain name is currently available. 
  • When you press this button, a notification is generated in your wallet to approve the transaction. 
  • Once approved, the NFT domain will be minted and stored in your digital wallet.

With that, your ticket to Web 3.0 has been purchased. For now, you can either keep the NFT domain in your cryptocurrency wallet or make use of them on the ecosystem, which we’ll get to shortly.


How are NFT domains and Web 3.0 interconnected?

The Ecosystem has devised a simple method for enabling its customers to make the most beneficial and conscientious use of their newly obtained NFT domain names. A new Chrome extension will allow users to host their decentralized websites using their crypto domain names. In other words, if you hold an NFT domain name, you’re a part of the content production sector that will thrive on the Internet of the future. Additionally, the Chrome extension will allow the user to explore Web 3.0.

Additionally, if you mint’s NFT domains and then sell them, you’ll earn royalties on every subsequent sale of the NFT domain name for the rest of your life. 

Another application of the NFT Domain name is as a replacement of the hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses. All transactions will go through your NFT domain name, which you can designate as your wallet address. But that’s not all! As keeps developing, more and more uses of the NFT domain will be added to its ecosystem. 

So don’t keep waiting. Catch the train to the future of the Internet by reserving your NFT domain name on right now!

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Jesse Kirby
Jesse Kirby
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