Thursday, January 27, 2022

Colombian real estate platform La Haus allows bitcoin payments.

The Takeaway:

The Colombian real estate platform La Haus is now allowing users to purchase properties with the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

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A Colombian real estate platform, La Haus, is allowing bitcoin investors to buy real estate with the leading cryptocurrency directly. The platform is promoting bitcoin payments for a new real estate project in Santa Marta called Natura City. This is an expansion of the platform, which has already established such a service in Mexico. The construction of the complex is estimated for completion by 2025.


La Haus partnered with payment processor OpenNode for this task.

The real estate firm La Haus partnered with payment processor OpenNode for this task and allow users to pay for the properties via Lightning Network or on-chain, depending on the buyer’s needs. The buyer can pay 100% in bitcoin, or just pay a portion of the total in BTC, paying the remaining amount via traditional avenues. Each apartment is valued at approximately 2.19 bitcoin or 400 million Colombian Pesos. The latest offering is an expansion of the platform, which has already established such a service in Mexico. 


La Haus started accepting bitcoin payments for housing development in Mexico.

This is not the first time La Haus has been involved with cryptocurrency payments in the sector. Earlier this year, in November, the company started accepting bitcoin payments for a housing development on Playa del Carmen, Mexico. At that time, La Haus stated that its intention was to extend this payment option to all of the properties listed on its platform. On the evolution of accepting bitcoin payments, La Haus, president and co-founder, Rodrigo Sanchez-Rios, stated, “we think that Bitcoin will be the future reserve currency. At our core, we’re a tech company. It’s natural for us to be pioneers with this technology.” 

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