Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Japan’s leading crypto exchange BitFlyer adds support for XRP

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Japan's leading crypto exchange by trade volume, BitFlyer, has announced to add support for Ripple's cryptocurrency XRP. According to the exchange, XRP is the second-largest cryptocurrency in japan in terms of trade volume.

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The Japan-based crypto exchange, BitFlyer, announced to add support for the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market, XRP. The exchange revealed in the announcement that Ripple’s XRP is the second-largest cryptocurrency in Japan in terms of trading volume just behind bitcoin.


BitFlyer is giving away 100,000 Yen to mark the XRP listing.

The leading Japanese crypto exchange also announced to give away 1000,000 Japanese Yen worth $911 to mark the listing of this altcoin. XRP is the only cryptocurrency that the Japanese exchange has listed in the last two years. Ripple has collaborated with various financial businesses in the last few months to promote blockchain supported cross-border settlements.


Ripple releases 1 billion XRP from its escrow wallet.

Ripple transferred a total of 1 billion XRP from its escrow wallet on Dec. 2. This was not the first time Ripple had transferred such a large amount of XRP tokens. The crypto community has criticized the blockchain-based payment firm many times in the past for causing the XRP’s price to crash by releasing huge amounts of XRP tokens. However, the company had defended its actions by saying that they are selling XRP to invest in firms that would help its ecosystem grow and fund its own operations.

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