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Crypto Terms and Famous People/Companies: Robinhood Crypto, Crypto Fascist & more

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Google is the most used platform whenever a user wants to search for anything. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency and the expansion of its world, people often look for several terms. Here is a list of top crypto terms and famous companies and people that were searched on the internet.

Over the years, the crypto world has expanded so much, and several new things are developed or founded every day. Many crypto investors or curious crypto dummies lookup for these terms or for people and companies that are related to cryptocurrencies or are directly involved in the crypto industry.

Here are some of the crypto terms and famous people and companies from the crypto world:

1. Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood Markets Inc. is a U.S.-based financial services company with its headquarters in California. It offers a mobile app that allows users to invest in public companies and exchange-traded funds. In 2018, Robinhood announced a waitlist for a commission-free cryptocurrency trading platform. By May 2018, the exchange had more than 3 million users, and it was valued at $7 billion-$10 billion.

2. Crypto bridge

CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange that was launched in July 2017, which worked on a high-performance, scalable blockchain. Along with this, they started BridgeCoin, which was developed to finance the development of the exchange.

50% of the profits that are made by the exchange are distributed among the BridgeCoin owners. The crypto exchange has its headquarters in Florida, USA.

3. Crypto Fascist

Crypto fascist is the commonly used term for ‘crypto-fascism.’ The meaning of this term is the secret support or admiration of an individual or a group of individuals for fascism. Fascism means the forcible suppression of opposition, and authority by dictatorial power.

The word secret is used here because these views can often cause political outrage, so people have to stay low-key to avoid the consequences.

4. Crypto Bobby

Rob Paone, or as he is known by the crypto community, Crypto Bobby, is a YouTuber and crypto enthusiast who provides updates regarding the crypto world. His interest in the crypto world can be seen from his YouTube channel as well as from his website. His cryptos of interest include all, whether they are old or new.

5. Crypto Watch

Founded in 2014 with Kraken as its parent organization, Cryptowatch is an online platform that provides daily charts of the top cryptocurrency assets and allows the user to manage their portfolio.

6. Crypto Parasite

Crypto is short for Cryptosporidium, which a fecal parasite found in public swimming pools. However, many people with anti-cryptocurrency views often use this term to call the cryptocurrencies a parasite that is spreading widely. They think that these cryptocurrencies are some kind of parasites that are ruining the mainstream financial system of the world.

7. Crypto Definition

People often look for the meaning of the word “crypto.” The meaning of this word is, as a noun, it is used for a person who belongs to a secret party or other groups. As an adjective, this means something that is not openly declared and is often used in combination.

8. 4chan crypto

4chan is an online place where people from all over the world with common interest comes forward to discuss video games, anime, politics, cryptocurrencies, and dank memes. This forum has now started charging $20 4chan pass, which can be purchased using BCH, BTC, ETH, or LTC. 

9. Crypto Capital

Crypto Capital is a banking platform that helps the users to deposit and withdraw fiat funds to any cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The users can make deposits in the currency of their choice, which includes USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, etc.

10. Crypto Panic

Crypto Panic is a news platform for the crypto community that is taking the initiative to help the investors to understand why the price movements happen in the market. It provides the users with the facility to vote and mark the news as important or tell the bullish or bearish signals. It also has the facility of portfolio tracking and other features.

11. Crypto Arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage is the term used for the practice of buying a crypto asset from one exchange and immediately selling it on another exchange(if there is a price difference), which results in an overall profit. It is legal as the user is taking advantage of the volatile crypto market, and nothing illegal is being done here.

12. Crypto Crow

Crypto Crow is the screen name of Jason Appleton, a cryptocurrency YouTuber, and investor. In 2018, it was informed that Jason Appleton is launching his television series, which will be funded by bitcoin. It was said to air on CBS, the CW, and Roku. The series was covering topics like crypto security, exchange trading, initial coin offerings, etc.

13. Nano Crypto

Nano is another cryptocurrency that was launched with the vision that is the same as other cryptocurrencies- to eliminate fiat currencies. It was launched in 2015 as RaiBlocks, and it got rebranded in 2018 as nano. It works on its novel technology called block-lattice architecture. The crypto asset is a zero transaction fee currency as there is no fees paid to the miners. 

14. Crypto Jews

Crypto Jews are the term used for those people who secretly believe in Judaism while publicly they are professing to be of another faith. This term can be specially used for Spanish Jews who believed in Judaism but outwardly professed Catholicism.

15. FUD Crypto

FUD in the crypto world is described as “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.” The term FUD is often used for those who are either outside the bitcoin community or are new to the world of crypto trading. Bitcoin followers always advise to HODL the coins despite the FUD.

16. Delta Crypto

Delta Crypto refers to the bitcoin, ico, and crypto portfolio tracker. Delta is the best app that is used to track Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency portfolios, and to stay updated with the latest market news. Over 5000 altcoins are present on the platform along with access to their real-time market charts.

17. ETN crypto

ETN is the first KYC and anti-money laundering compliant cryptocurrency, which was launched by Electroneum. Electroneum is a blockchain-based platform which was used for payments using mobile devices. As of January 2019, the crypto platform has gained a loyal following of almost 3 million registered users.

18. Crypto Nick

CryptoNick is a 17-year-old crypto millionaire who posts videos about cryptocurrency trends, tutorials on which cryptocurrencies to invest in, advice on crypto investments. He also gives tips and explanations on how to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

19. ICX crypto

ICX is an ERC20 token that is the native token of a decentralized blockchain network, ICON. ICON aims to serve as the basic structure for a web of chains that include industries like banking, health care, and education. The industries have their way of operation and governance, but they are still connected with the help of a “loop chain.”

20. OMG crypto

OMG is a white-label eWallet, which is also a coin. It was built on the Ethereum blockchain by Omise, a Thai financial service company. A white-label eWallet is a software that can be used by many companies.

21. The Crypto Company

The Crypto Company is a California based IT service management company that helps institutions and individuals by introducing them to the growth of global blockchain developments. The firm was founded in 2013.

22. Crypto Virus

Crypto virus is malicious software that enters a user’s computer system and encrypts files that are present on the computer. The scammers then demand ransom in return for a decryption code. This ransom is paid in the form of cryptocurrencies.

23. Exodus Crypto

Exodus is a type of wallet that is a desktop client or software wallet which allows the users to store their crypto assets. Along with this, the users can exchange blockchain-based assets as the platform also has a built-in exchange. The wallet was launched in 2016.

24. Bad Crypto Podcast

Bad Crypto Podcast was started by technologists and crypto enthusiasts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright. This podcast is about cryptocurrencies and everything that is around them. With this podcast, the duo is trying to educate more and more people about the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The podcast is available on Spotify, YouTube, and they have their website as well.

25. Crypto World Evolution

Crypto World Evolution or CWE is probably the world’s first auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The trading is carried out by a Bitcoin software bot present on the platform that does the selling for the user, making it easy for them to make a decent profit. 

26. Crypto Memes

Everybody today is aware of what memes are, and cryptocurrency is not far away from the meme world. This includes images, gifs, and sometimes small vines, which are circulated all over the world by the community. These are the things that keep you sane in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

27. APPC Crypto

APPC is the ticker symbol for the cryptocurrency AppCoin which allows transactions between the manufactures developers, and the users on Aptoide. Aptoide is a social android app store which is a blockchain-based platform.

28. Crypto Apex Legends

Crypto is a gaming character that would be added to the Apex Legends game. Apex Legends is an online battle royale game. The information about the addition of character was somehow leaked before the company made an official announcement.

29. Crypto Games

Crypto Games is the best way to earn a superfast and straightforward cryptocurrency casino, which was introduced in 2014 by crypto enthusiasts. The games on the platform are: dice, slot, blackjack, roulette, video poker, Plinko, lotto, and the latest addition is Minesweeper. As rewards, the players get cryptocurrencies.

30. Doug Polk Crypto

Douglas Polk is an American professional poker player who played under the alias name WCGRider. His skills were specialized in heads-up, no-limit hold’em. Currently, he runs his own YouTube, where he uploads videos related to cryptocurrency news and entertainment.

31. IIS Crypto

IIS Crypto is a tool that gives the administrators the control to enable or disable protocols, ciphers, key exchange algorithms, and hashes. This is a free tool that can be used on Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019.

32. Crypto Invest Summit

Crypto Invest System or CIS is an exclusive, informative, and thought-provoking event that is presented by the world’s most innovative individuals, change-makers, and leaders in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. This year’s summit will take place on 15th-16th October at the LA Convention Center.

33. Crypto Love

Randall Trzaska is a former emergency veterinarian, a satellite programmer, and an SEO expert. He has his own YouTube channel named Crypto Love, where he spends his time posting videos and vlogs about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He shares tutorials on how trading should be done.

34. Crypto Hopper

Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot that carries out the cryptocurrency trade for the users. It is considered as the leader in the automated trading market as it scans the market 24/7 depending on the user’s trading strategy. It buys at the lowest prices and sells the cryptocurrencies when trades have moved into considerable profits.

35. Crypto Kirby

Crypto Kirby is another crypto investor and enthusiast who has his own YouTube channel named Crypto Kirby Trading. Here he posts videos about the latest news from the markets and the trade trends of the market. He is a crypto veteran who has been part of the community for a very long time.

36. Crypto Solver

Crypto Solver, known as Cryptogram Solver, is an automated cryptogram solver that was developed by Edwin Olson, and it is a tool that is used to solve simple substitution ciphers. It is also used to solve puzzles known as cryptoquip and aristocrats ciphers.



With so many search queries related to the crypto world and cryptocurrencies, we surely know that the world is getting aware of the technology. Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world by a storm, and more and more people are moving in this community either as investors or advisors or as those who are willing to educate more and more people.

Disclaimer: The article reflects the opinions of the author and is not representative of Chaintimes’ views.
The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised when investing in or trading with cryptocurrency. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision.

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Jesse Kirby
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