Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Meet CryptoViral, Your One-Stop-Platform for Crypto News Aggregation

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We all understand the importance of the latest news and information on crypto for crypto enthusiasts and traders around the world. With CryptoViral, you're just one click away to reach the one-stop-platform all the crypto-related news and happenings. 

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Cryptocurrency has unlocked a different level of potential with its highly secure blockchain technology. People from around the world have invested in various crypto assets to multiply their investing power. Various countries have also adopted the blockchain technology used by cryptocurrencies to make their network secure. 

Crypto news aggregator is the best tool for crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts to keep track of crypto and crypto-related activities around the world. Getting the right news at the right time enables serious crypto traders to make sound trading decisions at the right time. 

CryptoViral is one of the best crypto news aggregator platforms that saves you the hassle of switching from one tab to another to gather crypto news from different sources. The platform provides you with crypto and crypto-related news from around the world in one place with instant updates on the latest happenings. 


Why CryptoViral?

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There are several reasons that make CryptoViral one of the best crypto news aggregator platform in the world. It has combined the best-in-class features to provide an easily accessible and informative platform for crypto enthusiasts and devoted crypto traders. 


A. Get the latest crypto updates from Twitter & Reddit

Crypto news publishers take a while to grasp the declared crypto-related news to publish them on their website. On the other hand, social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter are the first places where crypto and crypto-related news is revealed. CryptoViral features Twitter & Reddit news on its platform, making it the ultimate one-stop-platform for cryptocurrency news worldwide.


Note: This feature usually comes with premium memberships for other crypto news aggregator websites but is an absolutely FREE feature at CryptoViral.


B. One-Stop for All Crypto News

CryptoViral provides its users with crypto-related news and information from around the world at one tab. With the news aggregator platform, you can avoid the hassle of switching tabs, again and again, to gather news from different sources as that job is done by CryptoViral. 


C. Turn on/off news sources accordingly

CryptoViral offers its users to pick the news sources they want to attain crypto-related news from. You can turn on or turn off these sources by going to the settings option on the CryptoViral news aggregator website. This feature allows its users to filter out their crypto news feed according to their interests. 



D. Add Coin of Your Choice

This is a unique feature offered by CryptoViral that allows its users to add the altcoin of their choice to the already listed cryptocurrencies tab. This way, the users can read all the crypto-related news on CryptoViral while keeping track of the altcoin of their choice on the same tab. 

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E. Vote Bullish/Bearish or Report

CryptoViral allows its users to vote for the piece of news as Bullish or Bearish that assists other users scrolling through the headlines to figure out if the story is worth reading or not by seeing the votes given by the audience. Additionally, you can also report inappropriate pieces of information or news on CryptoViral. Once the article is flagged over five times, it is removed from the platform.

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F. Get Notified!

In case you want to stay updated about the latest crypto happenings around the world, you can simply turn the notifications on to get updates from around the world in real-time via email. Users can subscribe to the notifications for any particular cryptocurrency of their choice and receive email updates whenever a piece of news related to that coin breaks.

crypto news aggregator


G. Dark Mode/Light Mode

CryptoViral allows its users to scroll through the latest crypto-related news happenings with the display setting of their choice. A user can read the news in dark mode where the display of the CryptoViral sight turns black in color or the light mode where the screen of the cryptoViral site turns white.

crypto news aggregator cryptoviral


H. Reliable & Trusted News Sources

CryptoViral only gathers and collects news from crypto news sources that are 100% reliable and trustable when it comes to crypto news. All the news sources listed on CryptoViral provides its users with authentic news related to crypto from around the world.


Visit CryptoViral.com here.

CryptoViral serves to be a must-have crypto news aggregator platform for the severe crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts looking for authentic and trustworthy crypto news and data from around the world. The most prominent feature of them all is the real-time crypto updates extracted on the website from Twitter and Reddit, social media sites known to be the first revealers of any crypto-related news and info.

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Disclaimer: The article reflects the opinions of the author and is not representative of Chaintimes’ views.
The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised when investing in or trading with cryptocurrency. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision.

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Paul Rea
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