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How to Invest in Blockchain Technology Stocks?

The Takeaway:

Over the years, Blockchain technology has evolved and turned into a widely adopted technological factor. This wide acceptance and interest in the technology gave birth to Blockchain Stocks giving people and companies to earn profits from it and take advantage of the technology. Here are ways in which you can be a part of this revolution.

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Bitcoin was created in 2009, over the years it has gained popularity, and it ended up being the top cryptocurrency in the world. But when it was launched, it not only gave us a way of investment, but it also brought the technology that it works on- blockchain technology.

The cryptocurrencies have used blockchain technology as it makes things easier for them. Blockchain is not controlled by any person or authority, and it can be used by anyone making it decentralized. This technology has a lot of benefits, such as transparency, speed, and security.


Popularity of Blockchain

With the introduction of Bitcoin, people were also introduced to the blockchain technology. It was the technology on which Bitcoin and the altcoins work today. This association of blockchain with cryptocurrencies often confuses people regarding the blockchains, and this sometimes leads to negative sentiments towards blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Over the years, blockchain technology has seen more and more involvement by people, and many companies are moving in the direction of accepting blockchain. More people are getting involved in the field, and numerous blockchain conferences take place in various cities across the world to spread awareness regarding this technology.

Recently, all the cryptocurrencies are facing backlash from the governments because of the way they work, and regulations are being imposed on them. However, the government has different views about blockchain as they call it the “technology for the future.”

Various companies have moved in the direction of developing and contributing their bit to the blockchain community.

Few of them are:

  • IBM
  • LeewayHertz
  • Blockchain Intelligence Group
  • ChromaWay
  • Altoros


What are Blockchain Stocks, and how to invest in them?

The blockchain technology has taken over the world like a storm as more and more companies are moving towards its adoption. With this wider adoption, people have realized that the blockchain technology can exist without the cryptocurrencies as well.

Many companies have shown their interest in the blockchain technology, and many blockchain development firms have started trading their stocks publicly. This started the trend of blockchain stocks and their investment. Many renowned companies have taken this opportunity, and they are using it for their advantage.


Things to remember before investing in a Blockchain Stock

Now that we know how the concept of Blockchain stocks started, let us move on to how we can invest in these stocks. The size of the global blockchain market in 2018 was worth $1.2 billion. There are certain things to look for before investing in a blockchain stock.

Before investing in a blockchain stock, the investor should conduct in-depth research about the technology that the company promotes. They should study the market research reports, market analysis, articles related to the company, and comments and reviews written by analysts, experts, and fellow investors.

Several companies can be considered to step into the blockchain stocks world:


Steps to follow for investing in a blockchain stock

1. Decide if the stock investment is for you or not

Stock investment is a field that is time-consuming and tests the patience of a person. If you are willing to give it time and have a high patience level, stock investment is for you. Good things take time, and for-profits, you have to wait and observe the market.


2. How much risk can you take?

It is very important to determine how much risk tolerance you have as there will be days when the trades will go down. Some people buy higher stocks, and some are not comfortable in doing so. The general rule of investment returns is: Lower Risk= Lower Returns; Higher Risk= Higher Returns.

A higher risk is found in those blockchain firms that are either new in the market, have low trading volumes, or they were released without testing the market adoption.


3. Set a budget for your investments

It takes time and money to make more money, and as a budding blockchain stock investor, you should set up a particular budget depending on how much risk you can tolerate and how much you want to invest.

Share prices play a vital role in this as a share can range from a few pennies and go all the way up to thousands of dollars. This factor can have a huge effect on the budget that you set for the investments. There are various tools for calculating crypto investments, but stock investing requires more effort.


4. Setting up an account

Once you have calculated the theoretical part of the Blockchain investments, its time to get practical and put these calculations to use. First stage is to sign up for a brokerage account, which will be used to trade the blockchain stocks.

Brokerage accounts are offered in the standard “cash account” form or the “margin account” form. A cash account is used to make full payments for the trades you do, whereas a margin account allows you to borrow funds to continue the trade. As a budding stock investor, it would be a wise decision to start with the “cash account” and then move on to the advanced “margin account.”

Various brokerage firms offer the service, and choosing one is a personal preference of the user since all offer the opportunity to trade Blockchain stocks.

Few brokerage platforms are:

Various stocks are cryptocurrency-friendly as well, but more on that will be discussed later.


5. Select and purchase the stocks

The next step after setting up the account is to look for the blockchain stock that you wish to invest in and purchase the stock. Review the company and the service it is offering, and once you are comfortable with the company, buy the stocks, and you can start trading.


6. Follow a plan for your blockchain stock investment

Once you have purchased the stocks, the real trading begins. Give your investment some time, and don’t panic if the price declines. Hold your investments and wait for the right time to make the trade. A proper investment plan plays a major role in the blockchain stock ownership, in fact, any stock ownership. Committing to a plan will help you in the long run and might have a great outcome.

Various companies are involved in the Blockchain development and are open for investments. These are:

Companies involved in Blockchain Hardware:

Companies involved in Blockchain Software:


If we look at the Blockchain Technology market now, we can see the significant changes that are taking place, and with time, the market is going to increase and grow bigger than it is now. Investing in blockchain stocks depends on every individual and their needs, and if you wish to enter the world of blockchain stocks or cryptocurrencies, we wish you luck!

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Disclaimer: The article reflects the opinions of the author and is not representative of Chaintimes’ views.
The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised when investing in or trading with cryptocurrency. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision.

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