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How to Mint Your First .METAVERSE and .i NFT Domain

The Takeaway:

The minting of .i and .metaverse NFT domains are now live on Here's a how-to guide to help you get started.

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You can now start minting .i and .metaverse NFT domains on Quik is a blockchain domain marketplace where users can quickly and effortlessly mint, purchase, and trade domains. 

It offers multiple TLDs with domain name limits ranging from 1k to 10k. It includes:

None of these TLDs are part of the traditional DNS system or associated with ICANN. However, for now, these NFT domains are limited within the Quik ecosystem, meaning you can only access them via the Quik browser or extension. Quik is set to launch these by the end of the year and aims to expand its accessibility as the platform grows.  

On the positive side, Quik NFT domains have no renewal fees, and once minted, you will have their sole ownership. In addition, Quik domains come with added functionalities and use cases.

Why Quik Domains?

The NFT domains you mint or purchase on are stored on Ethereum. The primary function NFT domains offer is simplifying crypto transactions by replacing cumbersome and lengthy alphanumeric digital wallet addresses with easy-to-remember domain names. However, Quik domain names offer much more than that.

Below are some major features Quik domains offer that makes them an ideal choice to start your Web 3.0 journey with: 

  • Use Quik domains as a universal username across Web 3.0, including virtual worlds, DApps, and games.
  • Build decentralized apps and websites on top of Quik domains
  • Hop from one metaverse to another seamlessly along with all your digital data and assets using Quik domains

Because of these features, Quik NFT domains are the key to unlocking more Web 3.0 and metaverse user cases. They provide digital identities to users of the decentralized web and even assist you in establishing your brand.

NFT domains are poised to take the next great step toward the internet of tomorrow, and you can also become its part by minting a Quik domain.


Minting .i and .metaverse on Quik

Quik provides an easy-to-use platform that allows you to instantly mint or purchase your preferred NFT domain. The steps for minting or purchasing .i and .metaverse Quik domains are outlined below.

  • Use your meta mask wallet to log in or sign up on
  • To check the availability of your selected domain name to mint or purchase, use the search bar.
  • If your intended domain is unavailable, Quik will give the closest alternatives for you to select.
  • After picking a domain name, you can either buy it or mint it.
  • In your wallet, authorize the transaction.
  • Once the transaction takes place, it will appear on your Quik profile.

However, keep in mind that these TLDs have a 1k to 10k domain cap. If you don’t get started real quick, you can miss out on your preferred domain. Visit now and start minting!

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