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Insights on Vanossgaming, his net worth & youtube channel

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YouTube gaming has picked up pace over the years as more and more gamers have started posting their gameplays on YouTube to entertain the viewers. With over 24 million subscribers and around 10.9 billion views, Evan Fong, a.k.a VanossGaming has climbed the charts of famous YouTubers with most subscribers.

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A revolution that was started by PewDiePie in early 2010 took over the world like a wildfire. PewDiePie introduced YouTube as the platform where a great gamer can showcase his gaming skills and talents and use that to create content for the world.

As this field on YouTube was new for the viewers, more and more people took an interest in watching the videos giving the early starters the rise they needed in this field. With more and more people enjoying these videos, the platform of YouTube gameplays gained popularity in no time, and many names have topped the lists. One such name is VanossGaming.


Who is VanossGaming?

VanossGaming is the online pseudonym used by Evan Fong. Born on 31st May 1992, Evan Fong is a YouTube game commentator and music producer. Evan lives in Toronto, Canada, and this 27 years old YouTuber focused on his career by dropping out of college. Vanoss poses videos of him and other YouTubers on his channels in montage-style videos.

He is also a music producer as he produces his music under the name Rynx. Evan was born and raised in Toronto, and he graduated from Richmond Hill High School, and he studied economics in college, but he dropped out to focus on his YouTube channel. By the time he entered the race, he had already met several creators who eventually featured on his channel and would frequently feature again.


YouTube VanossGaming

Everybody has a different story behind their gaming profile name, and Evan had one too. “Vanoss” was used by his father on his PS3, which he later adopted. Vanoss is inspired by VANOS, which is a variable valve timing system that is produced by German Automobile Company, BMW.

By the year 2015, the gaming market and YouTube gameplays field were booming as more and more people were heading towards this field to either participate or to enjoy. In the year 2015, Evan’s channel reached the 10 million subscriber milestone. The subscriber count kept on increasing from then onwards as his content got better. Evan’s videos are different, as, in some of his videos, he is playing along with his friends. In such videos, he is laughing, joking, and chatting with his friends as they play popular titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: World at War.

2015 was the year when he reaches 11 million subscribers and started getting mainstream media attention. He appeared on “YouTube Gaming Evolution” panel at PAX East in Boston, where he mentioned that the reason behind his success is the rawness in the material and gameplays as people can relate to it. 

Evan is also known for his association with the video game “Dead Realm,” where he worked as the creative director for the gaming platform. He had also worked with YouTube in one of the YouTube Premium computer-animated series, “Paranormal Action Squad,” where he worked as a voice actor.

His active participation in the gaming community got him nominated for two different awards for two years. He was nominated in the category of Trending Gamer in 2014 for The Game Awards. The second nomination was Tech and Innovation: Gaming for Shorty Awards in 2016.


VanossGaming Face Reveal

Evan is among those gamers who have decided to keep their faces hidden from the gameplay as they stream. In most of his videos, his commentary can be heard by people, but his face was not revealed. He never did a face reveal video for his channel as well as other YouTubers do.

But it is said that his face was revealed twice in two different videos and from there people have figured out that Evan has an athletic body and his height is probably 5’11 or close to 6 feet tall. These details were shared on a page that was created by his community of fans. Evan has given importance to the content and not to how he would look in the videos, which explains how seriously he took the gaming content creation.


VanossGaming Logo

When he started his YouTube channel in 2011, Evan was beginning, and he decided to go for a plain logo with the initials of his channel, i.e., V and G, on a black background. As he gained popularity on YouTube and other platforms, he decided to take it up a notch as he planned to redesign his logo.

Later in 2015, he decided to launch a new logo for his gaming channel. On release, the logo looked like an owl’s head on a black background with diagonal cuts in the design, making it look like a “V.” His GTA 5 character model inspired the owl.


Rynx Music

Evan, as a music producer, has been active for a few years now with releasing his first single under the label Avant Garden. He released a remix of “U-Rite” by hip-hop group They. His debut song was “Want You,” which was released in December 2017, and its official video released in April 2018. Over the years, he released many remixes of songs by various artists and a few of his singles as well. His latest addition was “All for You,” which featured Kiesza and the song released in July 2019.


VanossGaming Merch

With the growing popularity of his gaming platform, VanossGaming, Evan decided to turn his platform into a global brand name as he decided to launch his line of merchandise. He started his website, which was powered by 3BlackDot, an influencer-driven platform that promotes games and other things.

His merchandise includes a range of regular T-shirts and limited edition T-shirts and shorts as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. They also have some hats and an accessories section, which has posters, fanny packs, lapel pins, and stickers as well. This is a great way to promote its gaming platform.


VanossGaming Net Worth

VanossGaming is said to have a net worth of close to $8 million that he has earned by playing games and posting those gameplays on YouTube. He produces funny gaming videos with his friends and posts the best parts from the gameplay on YouTube.



Evan Fong has been part of the gaming community since 2011, and over the years, he has gained massive popularity in the gaming world as well as in the ordinary world. He has over 24 million subscribers on YouTube, and more than 3 million followers on Twitter. His interest in music is also taking him places as he works hard for the success.

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