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Limited Edition .BTC NFT Domain Minting Live on Quik.com

The Takeaway:

NFT domains have improved the use and management of domains online. Unlike conventional domain names, they are not administered by a single entity. Because they are decentralized, they have a broader application than conventional domain names.

Since they are posted on the public ledger of a blockchain, they function as digital assets just like any other coin or token. They can be stored in digital wallets like other cryptocurrencies. In addition, unlike conventional domain names, NFT domains carry a one-time minting fee. There are no additional or renewal fees. Because a single entity does not govern these websites, no one else can object to or halt them.

Due to NFT domain names, the Internet as we know it will certainly undergo significant changes. Quik.com can assist you with acquiring an NFT domain name, providing you with a competitive advantage. 

How Does Quik.com’s NFT domain Minting Work?

Quik, a marketplace for NFT domains, outlines the significance of NFT domains as a foundation for the future Internet and why you should buy one.

Similar to numerous other online marketplaces, Quik.com offers a list of top-level domains based on the Ether blockchain. You must enter your desired NFT domain name and perform a domain name search. A “mint” button will appear if the item is still available. To confirm the transaction using your cryptocurrency wallet, click the mint button (trust or metamask). After completing this transaction, you will be the sole owner of the NFT domain name.

Blockchain domains offer several advantages over traditional domain names. And Quik is here to make the entire procedure easier and accessible to fuel the innovation towards the internet of tomorrow.

Your NFT domain is now stored in your cryptocurrency wallet. You will own the NFT domain name unless you decide to sell it. If you desire to sell your NFT domain name in the future, you may list it on the Quik.com P2P marketplace and sell it to a network of NFT domain name enthusiasts.

You will also receive a royalty payment if the NFT domain name you created is resold. Therefore, you will still profit if you sell the NFT domain name you created.

The ecosystem of the Quik.com and NFT domains

Users will soon be able to obtain a browser extension through the Quik.com ecosystem that enables them to use their NFT domain names. Web3 will provide support for IPFS-based decentralized websites. Additionally, you can search the web3 for websites that do not have a central server.

Users of NFT domain names will be able to modify the addresses of their cryptocurrency wallets. The hexadecimal addresses currently used on bitcoin wallets will be replaced with NFT domain names. It will be easier to memorize wallet addresses and conduct transactions. As the Quik.com ecosystem expands, further uses for NFT Domain names will be discovered.

Quik.com serves as your portal to the Web3

Soon, web3 decentralized websites will be able to be hosted on the Quik.com ecosystem utilizing NFT domain names created on Quik.com. Therefore, the initial users of Web3 would be able to publish their material quickly.

On Quik.com, you may select from various Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Register an NFT domain name now to have early access to Web3.

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Vivekanandan Tiwari
Vivekanandan Tiwari
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