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Minting NFT Domains Made Easy on Quik.com: .METAVERSE Available for Minting Now

The Takeaway:

The development of blockchain technology has given rise to new asset exchanges, dApps, Web 3.0, and crypto-assets. The most important and cutting-edge of these are the NFT domains.

Decentralized apps and cryptocurrency wallets employ lengthy and complex alphanumeric identities. We nevertheless associate these crypto addresses with domain names. It might disrupt the crypto industry, like how IP addresses were replaced with conventional domain names, which altered the internet.

Quik.com offers NFT domain extensions or TLDs like









.address, and


The owners can use these NFT names whenever Quik releases its next web extension and browser, in addition to the artwork that is included with each newly created NFT domain.

The Operations of NFT Domains

NFT domains, made available by businesses like Quik.com, are domain name systems (DNS) integrated on the blockchain as opposed to the traditional centralized system. The data structure can then be distributed throughout a decentralized network, allowing all users to access the content.

In other words, with its unique advantages and capabilities, blockchain technology is the forthcoming big thing for the domain name market. Although NFT domains have advantages, they cannot be utilized to host websites inside the conventional DNS.

These networks are immune to censorship since they lack centralized entities like ICANN.

It’s crucial to remember that NFT domain properties can change depending on the issuer’s underlying smart contracts, which produce the blockchain domain code.

Understanding NFT Domains vs. Conventional Domains

During the .com era, a lot of businesses succeeded in large part as a result of their domain and its dominance in search engine results. As an asset class, traditional domains nowadays are worth around $ 20 & $ 100 million.

The sale of domain names has reached over 300 million, some of which, like insurance.com and internet.com, cost hundreds of millions of dollars each. Upwards of 1,500 active domain names are available right now.

However, development in the conventional domain market has all but ceased during the previous few decades. And as NFT domains spread, we can’t help but consider them to be the largest digital asset class.

Their benefits over existing domain names, including censorship resistance and ease of payment, are also discussed. In NFT domains, it successfully generates borderless, permissionless business tools.

Unlike previous domains, which were primarily used by businesses, blockchain domains offer to use for both businesses and people. Because the whole centralized DNS infrastructure is easily transferrable to a public blockchain in the future, NFT domains may someday replace other options.

Why choose Quik.com’s NFT Domains?

Compared to traditional and alternate blockchain domain names that you can purchase or mint on the Quik marketplace, NFT domains have the following advantages:

  • It offers complete ownership and has no renewal fees.
  • It refuses to be censored.
  • With Quik’s user-friendly interface, you can quickly and simply mint, buy, or sell NFT domains.
  • Quik also offers businesses the resources they need to make the switch from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
  • In addition, Minters get lifelong royalties of 5 to 10 percent on each sale.
  • Each domain name has a unique NFT piece of art attached to it.

On Quik, the top TLDs are .metaverse, .vr, .chain, .shib, and .doge.

While the Ethereum blockchain currently underpins the NFT domain names, Quik has plans to roll out NFT domains based on other blockchain technologies eventually.

The NFT domains made available there will be interoperable with the Quik environment. Quik plans to release its online browser and web plugin soon to facilitate the empowerment of these NFT domains.

“NFT domains are more functional than conventional domains, which are one-dimensional and have clear objectives. We think that blockchain domain names could help to advance the notion of a fully decentralized internet,” remarked the CEO of Quik.

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Vivekanandan Tiwari
Vivekanandan Tiwari
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