Saturday, July 2, 2022 adds .VR domain names to its list of TLDs: Minting is Now Live

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Virtual reality is a concept that allows us to view images in a real-life format. Using the principles of image distortion through certain angles, the illusion of seeing images with a real-life feel is achieved. Also, the concept of virtual reality is the basis of a large number of applications in the metaverse. Virtual reality is the apex spot holder in the list of technological advances used in the field of entertainment. The next form of the Internet, which is often called web 3.0 is also going to be full of virtual reality and content related to it. You could probably find yourself a slice of the pie on Virtual reality in web 3.0 using a .VR NFT domain name. has added .VR NFT domain names to their list of TLDs. Here’s how you can get yourself one.


Minting a .vr domain name on

Here’s how you can mint yourself a .vr NFT domain name on First, you need to go to and then connect your metamask or trust wallet to the website. You can simple type your desired keyword in the searchbar to check the availability of the NFT domain. If it’s available then you can simply click on the mint button to mint it for yourself. 

If it isn’t available then you can always check and buy it from the P2P marketplace from the owner who currently has it. After you’ve minted your NFT .vr domain name you will be the sole owner of it and will not have to pay any other renewal fee. Also, you will be able to store it on your crypto wallet like any other NFT. It remains solely yours until you decide to sell it and transfer it to a new owner. 


The applications of the .vr domain name

vr domain name

The .vr NFT domain name, as mentioned earlier, is a TLD of the Ethereum blockchain. The ecosystem will soon develop and release a chrome extension that will allow its users to use the .vr domain name and other TLDs to host a decentralized website on Web 3.0. This creates an excellent way for you to host a decentralized website that can have content related to virtual reality. Also since it is a TLD ending in .vr, people browsing the web 3.0 will be able to easily find your decentralized website. 

Also, it will also allow the users to use the .vr NFT domain name as a replacement for their crypto wallet addresses. The default addresses that the crypto wallet comes with are really long and can be mistyped. This will lead to transaction failures or cryptocurrency and assets being sent to the wrong addresses. 

Therefore using the .vr domain name as your wallet address in the ecosystem will save you from the trouble. Other applications will be added as the ecosystem moves forward.  If you ever wanted to sell your .vr domain name, you can always connect your wallet that contains the NFT domain name to and then list it on the marketplace. This is a P2P marketplace where interested people will be able to make you an offer for your .vr domain name. 



Virtual reality is amassing a user base that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Its applications are also growing and reaching almost every niche. The metaverse is going to be filled with applications based on virtual and augmented reality. This calls for quick action. Well, brings you a way to have a piece of the slice by minting yourself a .vr NFT domain name. 

Virtual Reality is pretty much the next big hit in entertainment. Be it gaming, movie making, education, or any other niche, it’s being applied everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a .vr NFT domain name today!

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Glenn Harper
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