Saturday, July 2, 2022 brings in a diverse list of NFT Domain TLDs. Which one should you choose?

The Takeaway: is the new go-to place to mint your NFT domain names to get ready for the internet of tomorrow. What? You don’t know what the internet of tomorrow is? Well for starters, let’s say that the web3 is a total change in the way we interact with the internet. A change in hardware, software, structure, and architecture of the internet of today. A complete internet revolution. How are NFT domain names a major part of it? Well, they are the hosting blocks for decentralized websites. Decentralized websites are the building blocks of web3. So if you have an NFT domain name then you basically have a ticket to the internet of tomorrow. makes it easy and simple to get yourself an NFT domain name as well as put it to good use. We shall see how in a second. Additionally, also provides a marketplace that brings forth a community of NFT domain name enthusiasts that can trade NFT domain names all day long. Also, on you can take advantage of a diverse list of TLDs. What are TLDs? Let’s take a look.


What are NFT domain name TLDs? 

NFT domain names end in extensions that are very different from the ones that conventional domain names have. So an NFT domain name ends in extensions that are built on the basis of a blockchain. brings forward a string of TLDs such as .I, .vr, .crypto, and the most popular one, .metaverse including many others. 

These TLDs can be chosen by you to act as the extension for your NFT domain name. Now how do you choose your NFT domain name extension? First off, you have to connect your crypto wallet to Once you have that ready, all you need to do is come to the search bar of Here you can type your NFT domain name such as “mynftdomain” and then end it with the preferred TLD such as ” mynftdomain.metaverse “. Now, the search mechanism will check for its availability and show it to you on your screen. 

If it is available, then you will be able to mint it for yourself by pressing the mint button. Pressing the mint button will give you a message on your crypto wallet asking for permission to take the transaction forward. Confirm the transaction and the NFT domain name is yours. You’ve got an NFT domain name with your favorite TLD.


Why is .metaverse TLD a big hit on

.NFT domain names have a lot of applications. Many of them are accessible as of now and many of them are to be discovered. As of now, the Ecosystem will allow you soon, to use its Chrome browser extension to host decentralized websites on the web3 and also browse through the web3 for other decentralized websites. This is a huge entry ticket to the internet of tomorrow.

Now, we all know how big of an industry the metaverse is proving to be and how quick the metaverse is picking up pace. It is quite certain that the metaverse will surely be the talk of the day, every single day on the web 3.0. So, owning an NFT domain name that ends with the Metaverse TLD will allow you to host a decentralized website on the web3 using ecosystem. People surfing on the web3 for content on the metaverse will be easily able to find your Decentralised websites since it ends with the .metaverse TLD.



The TLDs on the ecosystem are all built on the ethereum blockchain. NFT domains connected to any of them aren’t different from the other in any technical way. Still, the utilities of each of them vary content wise. Choose your TLD wisely. On second thoughts, why get one when you can get all? 

Once minted, you will gain access to the royalties that the NFT domain names will bring to you in the form of a percentage of each transaction that occurs for the NFT domain name that you directly minted. Oh you’re interested? Log on to then, what are you waiting for?

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The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised when investing in or trading with cryptocurrency. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision.

Harry Finnerty
Harry Finnerty
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