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Quik.com brings you closer to the Metaverse with .Metaverse NFT domains

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In terms of how we currently understand the internet, the future presents an entirely different perspective. At this moment, the term “metaverse” has become widely used. But how can we define the term “metaverse”? Well, the metaverse can be broadly characterized as the shift in how we perceive and interact with the internet, as well as how it functions.

Everything is about to change in a big way. With the incorporation of elements such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, decentralized economics, and much more, the metaverse is already gradually taking over the internet. The internet is taking on a new form, and we’re all excited about it.

Why wouldnt anyone want to travel into the metaverse when it is such an interesting, thrilling and futuristic space? Quik.com is the ideal solution for you to take your first steps into the metaverse. Here’s how you can accomplish that with Metaverse domain names.


Quik.com brings up .metaverse TLDs

Quik.com offers a variety of NFT domain names, which are also known as crypto domain names. These are decentralized domain names that operate as digital assets that may be owned and used by individuals without the intervention of a third party. TLDs based on the Ethereum blockchain are known as metaverse NFT domain names. Quik.com has your favorite metaverse NFT domain names, and here’s how to get your hands on one.

Connect your metamask or trust wallet to Quik.com to begin the process to get your NFTdomain name. After that, you can begin your search for the ideal metaverse domain name. If it’s available, all you have to do is click the mint button and follow the on-screen steps to approve the transaction on your wallet. If it isn’t accessible, you can simply purchase it from the current owner using Quik.com’s P2P solution.


Perks of owning a .metaverse NFT domain name

You own the metaverse NFT domain name after you mint it or buy it for yourself until you decide to sell it. There are no extra or renewal fees. Like any other digital asset, it can be stored in a crypto wallet.

Your.metaverse NFT domain name can be used to host decentralized websites and as a crypto wallet address. Once Quik.com launches their chrome plugin that allows you to browse web 3.0, this will be achievable utilizing IPFS. There are a lot more perks that will soon be added once the Quik.com ecosystem moves forward. 

Quik.com simplifies the procedure, and if you ever wish to sell your metaverse domain name, you can always do so on Quik.com. The metaverse is rapidly gaining hold, and Quik.com is poised to serve as a catalyst for individuals to follow a route that leads to the metaverse’s futuristic promises. 

Owning the .metaverse NFT domain name and later hosting a decentralised website on the web3 will give you the opportunity to put out metaverse content that the people on the web3 will be looking for. The major perk would be that they would be easily able to find your decentralised website due to the .metaverse TLD which is an absolute win. 



The metaverse as we know it does not exist as a single entity with a single definition. It has a broad definition and contains far more than we can comprehend at any particular time. Technology advances at a breakneck speed, and we learn and apply something new every day.

Quik.com gives you the chance to own a piece of the metaverse by allowing you to register metaverse domain names. The best time to get into new technology is when it’s still in its infancy, and because the metaverse is just getting started, what better time than now? Now is the time to get a.metaverse NFT domain name from Quik.com!

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Paul Rea
Paul Rea
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