Saturday, July 2, 2022 has become the new go to NFT domain name marketplace. Have you paid a visit?

The Takeaway: is an NFT domain name marketplace that allows its users to mint, sell, and buy their NFT domain names in a simplified user-friendly manner and all in one place. The platform is increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after and easy-to-use NFT domain name acquisition websites that are there on the internet at the moment. To put it out there in a simple manner, when compared to its counterparts, provides everything that one needs to get themselves on to the Web3 by getting a domain name all in one place. 

That’s not all, provides a complete ecosystem on the website that allows its users to make use of their NFT domain names in the most efficient way possible. also presents its users with a way to interact with the community of people who are NFT domain name enthusiasts and trade NFT domain names with them all day long. Ahem, we see that you’ve gotten interested? Haven’t visited before? Follow the article to find out how you can get yourself an NFT domain name on 


How to find your favorite NFT domain name on has two places on its website where you can acquire your crypto domain name from. The first thing you would want to do is to connect your metamask or trust wallet to the website. After you do that you can either search for your favorite crypto domain name and then mint it by confirming the transaction on the wallet if it’s available. If it isn’t available then it means that someone else has already minted it and owns it at the moment. To acquire it you can contact the owner on the P2P NFT domain name marketplace and offer them a price to buy it off of them. 

Now, another interesting facet of is its TLDs. TLDs are basically extensions attached to the NFT domains and are built on the ethereum blockchain. There is a list of TLDs that is supported by at the moment, which will always be open to expansion as explores new frontiers in the future. The most popular TLD as of now on is the .metaverse TLD. If you minted a domain name using this TLD it would look something like “yournftdomain.metaverse”


What do you do with your NFT domain name after minting it on

After you mint your NFT domain name on you can either store it on your crypto wallet or use it on the domain Ecosystem. is about to release a chrome extension that will allow its users to host decentralized websites on the web3 and also browse other decentralized websites. Moreover, users will also be able to replace their default hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses with their NFT domain names. This will ease transactions and there will be no need to remember the unreadable wallet addresses. 


What are the benefits of buying an NFT domain name on

Let’s say you’ve minted yourself an NFT domain name. Now unlike your conventional domain names you don’t have to pay any renewal fee and once you have them they are yours until you sell them. You can use them in the ways mentioned before on the ecosystem. 

Apart from that, the web3 is about to completely change the way the internet works, and NFT domain names will be used to host websites on the web3. Why wouldn’t you want a pre-made ticket to the Internet of tomorrow? Also if you mint an NFT domain name and then sell it, you are eligible to gain a percentage royalty on all the transactions that the NFT domain name goes through forever in the future. That’s a major win. 

Along with that, you become a part of the progressive community and give your part in creating a decentralized web space where there’s ownership identity, decentralization, privacy, security, and freedom. So, what are you waiting for?

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Paul Rea
Paul Rea
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