Thursday, May 19, 2022 launches NFT domains with 6 TLDs, including dot blockchain and dot metaverse

The Takeaway:

Quik is a blockchain-enabled NFT domain marketplace where one can access various NFT domains.

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NFT domains are the new trending domains in the market. They have successfully managed to replace the conventional ones. NFT domains are Web 3.0 domains that are decentralized and provide full rights to the domain owner. Moreover, they also act as a universal payment address. So, what else can be better than a combination of crypto indulged in domain URLs?

Quik is a blockchain-enabled NFT domain marketplace where one can access various NFT domains. It has recently launched six new TLDs (Top-Level Domains), including .blockchain, .metaverse, .vr, etc. Businesses and creators can use these TLDs to make their websites stand out from others and continue their projects without any centralized entities.

TLDs are an important element of SEO as it helps with better rankings on web pages. While .com TLD is the most commonly used domain name, it doesn’t necessarily help in the long term because it doesn’t make your domain name meaningful and industry-specific. 

For example, you have a business based on blockchain technology. So, you can add .blockchain TLD at the end of your URL to make it more appealing and engaging for the customers.


Quik’s TLD vs. Generic TLDs: Which one is better?

The generic TLDs such as .net, .com, and .org are too common nowadays, and these domains are used by almost every website and have become a rare sight. Moreover, you can’t fully own such domains, and they have to be rented on yearly or monthly renewal plans. 

Generic TLDs are sometimes out of context or don’t suit the name of your business, making it less appealing to the customers. However, Quik’s TLDs are made with top crypto-related keywords so that you can stand out from others.

Quik has launched several new TLDs up for grabs. Since these domain names are restricted to minting, they are available on a first-come, first, serve basis. These TLDs include .blockchain, .metaverse, .vr, and many such domains that can make your website stand out from others.

The first round of all TLDs will be based on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH); wants to add more blockchains soon, including Solana (SOL), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and GateChain. Domain owners can use their domain as a website URL, a global username for all applications and websites, or a billing address for their wallets within the Quik ecosystem. These conditions of use are said to be just the beginning and will continue to grow as the ecosystem develops.

Join Quik today and get your hands on the top crypto TLDs of your lifetime! Take your business venture to the next level only with Quik!

Visit Quik now.

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