Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Quik.com launches Web3 NFT Domains on Ethereum Blockchain

The Takeaway:

We may be getting to the end of the Internet age as we know it. Web 3.0 is coming soon, and it will change how we see and use the Internet in a big way. Web 3.0 is an online space that is not controlled by a government or a group of people in one place.

All of the sites on this new network will be decentralized, so no one else will be in charge of them. They will live on web 3.0 NFT domain names, which are digital assets that each owner controls. 

What do NFT domain names mean? 

They are domains that are made on a blockchain and aren’t controlled by a central body like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). So, unlike traditional domain names, which couldn’t reach their full potential because they were controlled and limited by centralized authorities, these NFT domain names will be able to be used in many different ecosystems.

Quik.com is a Web3 NFT domain marketplace with a P2P marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and do business. If you want a Web3 domain name, Quik.com is a good place to start.


What TLDs ae available to choose?

Below is the list of TLDs that are now part of the Quik.com ecosystem:










These are all top-level domains that are based on Ethereum. The list isn’t complete, and as the ecosystem changes, new TLDs will be added. After you choose your TLD, you can look for the NFT domain name you want. It will show up on your screen and tell you if you can get it or not.


How do you get your NFT domain name on Quik.com?

Once you’ve chosen your favorite NFT domain name, you can link your Metamask wallet or mobile wallet to Quik.com. After that, you can see if the NFT domain name you chose is still available. If it is available, a mint button will show up below it.

You can send a confirmation message to your cryptocurrency wallet by clicking the mint button. When you approve the transaction, the NFT domain name will be made in your name. It is now your digital asset, and it will stay yours until you decide to sell it and put it in the name of someone else.

You can store the new NFT domain name in your crypto wallet along with any other crypto or money. If you want to sell it, you can put it on the Quik.com marketplace.


What are the uses of NFT Domain names minted on Quik.com

Quik.com is getting ready to release a Chrome browser plugin that will let users host decentralized websites on the IPFS using their NFT domain names. They will also be able to browse the Web3 with this extension. You will only be able to use these on Quik.com.

The domain names for NFT can be used as the address for your cryptocurrency wallet. As you may know, the default address for your virtual wallet is a long string of characters that is easy to make mistakes with. By replacing it with an NFT domain name, you can have a wallet that is short, clear, and simple and make transactions easy.

As the Quik.com ecosystem grows, there will be new ways to use the NFT domain names.

In conclusion

With the Quik.com ecosystem, you can mint new NFT domain names, buy them, and sell them. It also lets people use a Chrome plugin to get to decentralized wen3 websites on your NFT domain names. Quik.com also gives you a list of TLDs that you can choose from.

The internet of the future will be built on top of NFT domain names. With websites hosted on NFT domains, we’ll soon be able to get a censorship-free Internet. Start the preparation to enter the Web3 with NFT domain names from Quik.com.

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Harry Finnerty
Harry Finnerty
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