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Quik launches minting of top NFT Domain TLDs such as .Metaverse and .VR

The Takeaway: has launched the minting of NFT Domains on its platform. NFTs, Web 3.0, and blockchain domains have recently intrigued everyone in the technology and crypto worlds. Web 3.0 is already a popular expression in everyday conversation. But, you won’t seem serious about it until you own an NFT domain.

Web 3.0, popularly known as the internet of tomorrow, is an umbrella phrase encompassing various concepts aiming to achieve a single objective: bypassing big internet intermediaries. There is no need to leverage tech behemoths like Google, Meta, or Twitter on the new web.

Simplification is one of the essential cornerstones in developing decentralized internet. plays a key role in driving Web 3.0 innovation with its NFT domains. 

Quik is a blockchain domain marketplace that addresses one of the fundamental aims of the next internet revolution: providing end-users with direct ownership without the use of intermediaries.

“In the decentralized internet, NFT domains are an intriguing development. With an added layer of functionality, security, and transparency, they have the potential to transform how we use the internet. Quik aspires to be on the verge of this change,”

Quik’s CEO, Sahil Kohli, stated.


Traditional Vs. Blockchain Domains

On, the NFT domains you mint or buy are kept on a public blockchain. They make crypto transactions easier by substituting easy-to-remember names for long and complex digital wallet addresses.

Traditional domain names changed the internet by replacing cumbersome IP addresses. And Quick NFT domains could do the same for Web 3.0.

NFT domains offered on Quik are censorship-resistant when used as URLs for websites developed using IPFS, or InterPlanetary File System, in addition to being utilized as a universal name in the digital world.

Here are some of the most substantial characteristics of the blockchain domains available on Quik:

  • There are no renewal fees.
  • There are no gas fees.
  •  Easy to remember crypto wallet addresses.
  • You can build decentralized apps and platforms on top of it. 

“Traditional domain names, which are one-dimensional and serve specific purposes, do not compare to blockchain domains in terms of functionalities. NFT domains, we feel, can advance the concept of a truly decentralized internet,” said Quik’s CEO.

Most Quik users buy NFT domains to use them as personal identities. They use a single domain name to substitute complicated addresses from many wallets. It makes it easier to share payment details.

You can, however, use blockchain domain names to host your own Web 3.0 sites and develop apps on top of them. The scarcity of unique identifiers can be leveraged as speculative investments because each NFT domain is unique.

Reselling catchy NFT domain names on the secondary market could be profitable like regular domains. Quik will also pay you 5% royalties on any subsequent sales of your minted blockchain domains. for Your Web 3.0 Journey

Quik has a number of specific advantages over other blockchain names providers. Quik is the world’s most intuitive blockchain domains marketplace, allowing you to mint, list, buy, and trade NFT domains without any third party.

It provides the framework for your company to move from Web 2.0 to blockchain. You can also use QUIK tokens to access the Quik community and receive additional benefits.

A variety of NFT domain extensions have been made available for minting by Quik, including: .chain, .metaverse, .vr, .shib, .doge, .bored, .btc, .web3, .address.

Users can apply any terms they choose to these extensions to create crypto domains. Users can also use the site to look for available NFT domain names that have been supplied by peers and then transfer them to the public ledger.

Customers can now use blockchain transactions to sell or acquire traditional domain names on Quik’s marketplace, making the process more transparent and secure.

“For a long time, Web 3.0 was only a concept. It is expected to thrive in the coming years, thanks to the introduction of NFT domains, advent in blockchain technology, and smart contracts,”

Kohli stated.

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