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Satoshi revealed, BTC still below 45% of its all time high, Bitfinex’s appeal rejected : Crypto In-Shorts

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Crypto bulletin

The self-proclaimed bitcoin creator released the second edition of Satoshi Nakamoto – My Reveal. Despite being MIA for a decade, he couldn’t cloak his identity till the ultimate reveal. As assumed, Bilal Khalid is the claimed person behind Bitcoin who lost $19 Billion worth Bitcoins following a laptop repairing incident.

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) set out new regulations for crypto exchanges to counter money-laundering and terrorism fundings. Under the “Travel Rule” implementation, the exchange firms must know about the sender, and beneficiaries involved in transactions equal or above $3000.

The New York Supreme Court renounced BitFinex adjuration to dismiss the case against the Attorney General. Bitfinex used Tether to cover up the loss of $850 million.


Bitcoin Price

Current Bitcoin Price – $10,726

Bitcoin opened at a price of USD 10,350.28. The fluctuations drove it to the lowest value of USD 10,313.20 and highest of USD 10,916.05 in 24 hours. Bitcoin closed at USD 10,916.05 and saw an increase of 5.47% throughout the day.

The crypto coin is still below its all-time high value of USD 20,089.00 by 45.66%.


Ethereum Price

Current Ethereum Price – $197.48

Ethereum opened at USD 194.56. The fluctuations drove it to the lowest value of USD 193.11 and highest of USD 203.56 in 24 hours. Ethereum closed at USD 203.09 and saw an increase of 4.39% throughout the day.

The crypto coin is still below its all-time high value of USD 1,432.88 by 85.79%.


Bitcoin Market Cap

The day ended with USD 191,374,230,898 for the Bitcoin Market Cap.


Ethereum Market cap

The day ended with USD 21,221,280,764 for the Ethereum Market Cap.


Bitcoin Trading Volume

The 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin – $15,523,816,861

Ethereum Trading Volume

The 24-hour trading volume of Ethereum – $6,301,409,668


Whale alerts

Crypto enthusiasts beware of these whales

  1. 6,364,249 USDT ($6,360,919 USD) transferred from to unknown. Transaction ID: b50fbac87752018219eab24624de51339568126c4f6f105ef7e84fe7d9cc2001
  2. 5,999,995 USDT ($6,017,738 USD) transferred from Bitfinex to Bitbank. Transaction ID: 46f307e4ea7abaed0fa0baf9dc4f1ef83253cfcfdd2457cdaae23e2e239deb89
  3. 20,000 ETH ($3,991,039 USD) transferred from Binance to unknown. Transaction ID: 0x798d38732d4a6ae99a54b74c3cda24ba3ba4cb332f228dd60a49bcfbb0a93858

Crypto controversy

A twitter user dragged all altcoins with one tweet

Only one from Bitcoin

What to expect today?

Bitcoin Twitter account dropped all its support for Bitcoin Cash. Is it some victory for the Bitcoin maximalists? How will BCH react to this betrayal?

Ghana banned 21 fund managers from accepting investments after almost 70,000 investors were unable to withdraw their cash. Will Ghana adopt bitcoin or other digital currencies to avoid such fizzle?

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David Hayes
David Hayes
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