Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Talk Talk hacker accused of $800,000 crypto scam

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19-year-old Elliott Gunton who earlier was convicted for hacking the telecommunication firm Talk Talk is facing new allegation in the United States. He has been accused of stealing cryptocurrencies from EtherDelta's customers. He is also facing charges for wire fraud and identity thefts.

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According to a BBC report, a convicted 19-year-old hacker, Elliott Gunton from Norwich is facing fresh charges in the United States. The teen hacker is being accused of an $800,000 crypto scam. Earlier, Norwich Crown Court sentenced Gunton to a 20 months prison time after he was found guilty of hacking telecommunication firm Talk Talk in 2017. 

Along with the $800,000 crypto fraud, Gunton is also facing wire fraud and identity theft charges in the United States. US Department of Justice accused Gunton and Mr. Nashatka of defrauding EtherDelta customers. The Department of Justice alleged that both the suspects who also go by the name Planet and Psycho withdrew cryptocurrency from hundreds of EtherDelta users.

In August, 19-year-old confessed to several cybercrimes, including computer misuse and money laundering. The authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the teen cybercriminal. Notorious cybercriminal was found guilty of hacking the telecommunication firm when he was just 16. 

In 2018, Gunton’s computing equipment was seized by police, and it was discovered that he had offered to sell personal data of people to scammers in exchange for bitcoin. If convicted in the US, Gunton might face long prison time as authorities are tightening the laws on cybercrimes. 

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Paul Rea
Paul Rea
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