Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tether partnership, Opera Browser support and upcoming trading competition – TRON News

The Takeaway:

Tron is walking on the path of success as the platform witnesses an ascend adoption. The founder, Justin Sun, recited about the new developments in an AMA session. Moreover, the famous web browser, Opera, introduced its TRON wallet integration aimed to enhance the network's global access. TRON also joined hands with KuCoin to launch a trading competitor for BitTorrent token and WINk.

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Tron-Tether partnership is “win-win cooperation”: Justin Sun

The collaboration of Tron with the chief of stablecoins, Tether, is growing prominent with USDT-TRON pairing and the TRC20-USDT Campaign. Meanwhile, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, took the center of the stage in an AMA session to address the related developments readily. 

Uncovering about the TRC20-USDT Campaign, launched jointly by Houbi Global and TRON, Sun revealed that Houbi Global will very soon support the Tron based USDT. He also stated, “The joint launch of the “TRC20-USDT Campaign” by TRON and Huobi Global will give an impetus to the development of TRC20-USDT applications and user growth.” The founder emphasized on the fact that Tether will aid the Tron ecosystem to promote the stablecoin market but added that currently, the network is highly compatible with the existing ETH smart contracts.  

In regard to the progress of TRON MainNet, Sun reported that no incidents were recorded that were caused by the failure, which makes the network an ideal blockchain infrastructure to issue stablecoins. According to the entrepreneur, the introduction of stablecoins for TRON as a protocol will initiate a rush in four categories: decentralized exchanges, DApps, liquidity of TRC20, and TRC10 tokens and development of business applications.

Opera introduced its TRON wallet integration

Opera, the very prevalent desktop and mobile browser developer, has added Tron wallet support. The opera users will now be able to send and receive TRX straight within the browser and access TRON DApps listed on the built-in DApps Store. Opera’s resolution to support the TRON network will expand global access to decentralized applications and present smartphone users with access to an array of applications that survive outside of the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. 

“Opera is one of the most important software companies in the world. They are bringing security, privacy, and dynamic cryptocurrency capabilities to hundreds of millions of users,” says TRON founder, Justin Sun. “We are proud to connect the largest, active blockchain ecosystem to the best web browser ever built. 

KuCoin and TRON team up to release BTT and WIN Trading Competition

TRON Foundation and Singapore-based crypto exchange KuCoin have teamed up to launch a trading competition for BitTorrent Token (BTT) and WINk (WIN). According to the announcement, the top 50 accounts with the highest trading volume of TRX (buys and sells) on BTT/TRX or WIN/TRX pairs will win a share of 41,469,400 BTT and 122,378,200 WIN rewards in proportion to their amount traded. The competition is set to run from today through October 27.

In addition to the main contest, a pool of 7,772,600 BTT and 52,447,800 WIN will be equally divided between all qualified traders who have TRX trading volume (buys and sells) of 10,000 TRX or more across the BTT and WIN trading pairs.

This latest event is likely designed to support the new TRON base pairs on KuCoin and drive liquidity to the platform striving to become the go-to for altcoin trading.

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