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Top 20 Blockchain Dapp List

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One of its renowned application, aside from cryptocurrencies, is the creation of dApps (decentralized apps). Open-source and decentralized nature of these apps are the most appealing features of dApps and have contributed to their popularity. We've curated the Top 20 dApp list whose functionality ranges from trading to recreational gaming in this article. 1. ForkDelta 2, IDEX 3. Blockchain Cuties 4. CryptoKitties 5. Axie Infinity 6. 0xUniverse 7. LocalEthereum 8. Gods Unchained 9. OpenSea 10. Token Store 11. Bancor 12. Etheremon 13. AirSwap 14. Dice2.win 15. MLB Crypto Baseball 16. Augur 17. 0x Protocol 18. Hyper Dragons 19. Crypto Space Commander 20. Etheroll

Industrial decentralization is necessary to access our full freedom. Before 2009, it was an idealistic concept, but with the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto, its theory was put to the test. Blockchain technology hasn’t looked back since its potential was realized and has been continuously expanding its applicability. People are incorporating Blockchain, a decentralized public ledger, into different industries. One of its renowned application, aside from cryptocurrencies, is the creation of dApps (decentralized apps). Open-source and decentralized nature of these apps are the most appealing features of dApps and have contributed to their popularity.

We’ve curated the Top 20 dApp list whose functionality ranges from trading to recreational gaming in this article.

1. ForkDelta 

ForkDelta, one of the top Decentralized apps, is a cryptocurrency exchange. Not only does it enable its users to trade tokens based on Ethereum and Ether, but it also gives complete access to user’s accounts, private keys, trading decisions, and funds to them. 

On 5 January 2018, ForkDelta had “forked” away (a fork is a popular terminology in Open Source, which is to separate from the main branch and be developed independently from each other) from its parent, EtherDelta. 

The cited reason was that the developers disagreed with the decisions taken by the owners, and decided to pave their road amidst the creative differences. As fate has it, it does seem like the “road less travelled by” is proving to be a great decision. 

Another great thing about ForkDelta is the community that has grown around it. Hesitant new-comers can take a few words of wisdom from the experienced players by interacting with them on Telegram or Discord, and can even head to their subreddit


2. IDEX 

Another Blockchain Dapp topping the list is IDEX. In their own words, “IDEX is all about combining the security of blockchain with the speed of centralization.” True to its name, it is one of the first Ethereum based decentralized exchanges that supports real-time trading. 

Unlike many other exchanges, IDEX differs in the way that it has a built-in smart contract that helps in separating the “trades” from “final settlements”, while private key authorization prevents any unauthorized trades. 

Another reason to trade with IDEX is their transaction fees for takers, which stands at 0.20% – marginally less than the industry average of about 0.25%. But just like all great things have some or the other flaw, IDEX’s weak point is that it only accepts cryptocurrencies as its deposits. 

Which is to say that the uninitiated investment enthusiasts need to first get a hold of some cryptocurrency from some other exchange before they can begin their journey here. 


3. Blockchain Cuties 

Let’s be honest, you didn’t expect a crypto exchange platform to be based on cuteness, did you? And just when we thought we understand the world, Blockchain Cuties surfaced up to surprise us. A collectable game – one of its kind, Blockchain Cuties lets the user collect/breed/play with cute little animals like puppies, cubs, and cats, who can be armed and prepped for battles as well. The game lets you trade cuties in-game using smart contracts on Ethereum, EOS and TRON blockchains. 

Every cutie pie can be sold like a normal cryptocurrency, with lightning-fast trade taking place in the backend. CUTE coins are a buzzword around Cutieland’s economy, and encashing on cuteness sure sounds like a fun game to try. 

With a bunch of NEO cuties on presale every once in a while, it’s entirely possible that the collector with most CUTEness might soon be the richest of them all, so gear up all the cat and dog lovers! 


4. CryptoKitties 

CryptoKitties are a bunch of “furrever” friends that can help you achieve two of your favourite things with one arrow – pet a kitty and trade in crypto. Each cat is 100% owned by the user, and cannot be replicated or destroyed. 

Some more good news is that the Kitties are collectable and breedable, and there are Kitten classes for the newbies to aid them in getting started with breeding CryptoKitties. The games listed in KittyVerse are pretty interesting as well. 

Just as reality, when two Kittens breed, their offspring has a fair share of “Cattributes” inherited from their parents. Developed by Axiom Zen, CryptoKitties is a blockchain game, one of the first ones to use blockchain for leisure. 

It operates around the blockchain network of Ethereum, as a non-fungible token (NFT) that is unique to each CryptoKitty. So perhaps it is time to get your cat some online friends! 


5. Axie Infinity 

Cuties and Kitties delve into the real world, so is there any way left to level up the game of cuteness? The answer – Yes. Axie Infinity brings to you the opportunity, as it is a dapp about collecting fantasy creature called Axie. 

Based on Ethereum platform, Axie Infinity is like a few others in the manner that the Axies can be carefully raised and prepared for rewarding battles. Supporting a number of Ether wallets, a newbie can easily deposit currency and adopt a few Axies – either from the marketplace or from other players. 

Maintaining a great Discord, Axie Infinity comes to the top for its carefully planned and well-executed “gameplay”. The mystic Axies adds to the thrill of collection, and at the end of the day, it can fulfil many people’s dreams of becoming the Axie master. 


6. 0xUniverse 

The name “0xUniverse” aptly captures what the dapp is all about – Conquering the Blockchain-based galaxy! A shout out to all the space enthusiasts and wannabe explorers of the uncharted stars, this game is tailor-made for you. 

Starting the development in November 2017, OxUniverse is currently “expanding beyond the known galaxy”. The players can do it all – from building majestic spaceships, traversing the galaxies, and colonizing planets, the discoverers get to keep the resources and carry out their own research. 

The “discoverable” planets are finite – a reasonable measure that ensures the value of each will increase over time. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the Neil Armstrong in you, invest in the universe and explore the “Epic” and “Legendary” planets we never knew about. With community support on Discord, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit, 0xUniverse has loads of Interstellar experience to guide you through.


7. LocalEthereum 

A peer to peer marketplace where users can view, buy, and sell Ethereum in over 130 countries by using over 30 payment methods, including the most common ones like Alipay, PayPal, Qiwi, and Venmo. This simple, sweet, and elegant marketplace is the hub of over 100000+ users who employ LocalEthereum’s services

They claim to be the only marketplace that uses end-to-end encryption and is self-custodial. With decentralization at its core, the users control their keys and every message is self-destructive. More than 10 Ethereum wallets are supported by LocalEthereum – including MetaMask, imToken, Cipher, and GO! Wallet. 

In short, this is where you go to buy or sell your Ether without any hassle. The developers pride themselves for security and reliability, while also providing Telegram support in English, Spanish, and Russian. In many other dapps, the deposits can only be made in Ethereum before the user can actually start using them, and in such cases, LocalEthereum can prove to be an extremely useful tool. 


8. Gods Unchained 

With jaw-dropping CGI and impeccable animation in the trailer, this Dapp took off with a blast. The concept and the game itself is pretty simple – it is a trading card game bearing similarity with the board game Hearthstone. 

Builders start off by building their decks, trying to acquire as many rare and unusual cards as possible. On the backend, the game is of course powered by blockchain technology, making it infinitely extensible, immutable, and transparent. 

The cards that players acquire are solely theirs, and this is ensured by issuing them ERC721 tokens. But perhaps the most eye-catching thing about “Gods Unchained” (apart from the name), is their weekly tournaments with a massive amount of prize money involved. 

Playing games has never ceased to be fun, but the ability to win cryptocurrency while playing games is what takes dapps like Gods Unchained to the next level. 


9. OpenSea 

OpenSea dApp is another peer to peer marketplace, but instead of trading cryptocurrency for currency, they are known for trading crypto with collectibles. A place to discover, buy, sell, and auction crypto-collectibles like CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained cards, Decentraland, etc. 

Claiming to be the largest general marketplace out there with over 120 categories and a whopping 3 million items, OpenSea provides many gamers with the platform to open their crypto-collectables store. Like Gods Unchained, OpenSea also uses ERC721 tokens (along with the Ethereum protocol) to ensure absolute digital ownership. 

Founded in late 2017, the team is a hybrid mix of talent from Stanford, Google, and Pinterest. OpenSea has also bagged investments from Blockchain giants like Blockstack and Blockchain Capital along with many other significant investors. Apart from providing support on Discord and Twitter, OpenSea provides email support and has its entire journey jotted down on Medium. 


10. Token Store 

In their own words, Token store is a hub of two trustless exchanges that one can trust. Exchanges working on Ethereum and ETH, the store claims to be the industry leader for over 20 months, with 500 thousand transactions and 300+ liquid assets. 

Since its launch in July 2017, Token Store has been in the nonICO business. Instead, it takes pride in focusing on using Research and Development (R&D) for building useful products, whose costs are backed by capital partners. 

With a telegram channel to help the newbies out, Token Store is fast and takes no more than the gas fees. Backed with Blockchain, the brokerage page of Token Store has multiple decentralized exchanges to increase liquidity. It is also where you are assured that it is, in fact, one of the seamless and optimized DEXs out there. 

What’s best is that they show the recent relevant tweets which can help you decide which ERC20 tokens to buy and sell. 


11. Bancor 

With 0% taker fee, 0% maker fee, and 0 Bitcoin withdrawal fees, Bancor Dapp is the go-to standard for Smart Tokens – the new generation of cryptocurrencies. Bancor’s decentralized exchange allows their users to convert any token to any other token on the network, and it is done by an automatically calculated price. 

In their own words, Bancor’s decentralized liquidity network redesigns the manner in which people create and share value. This also ensures a continuous on-chain liquidity between the various blockchain-based assets. They accept credit card payments along with crypto payments. Their 24/7 support team and transparent pricing also work to their great advantage. 

In fact, Bancor had raised one of the largest ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at their time, taking over 150 million dollars an hour. This was so, as they had structured the ICO in a manner that removed any cap on the amount of money Bancor could receive, and this is another reason why it has been considered as one of the groundbreaking innovations in the crypto world. 


12. Etheremon 

If you are one of those who were mad about collecting Pokemons and would like to make some money alongside, then we have got something just for you – Ethermon Dapp. The first game starting the era of Game 3.0, Ethermon is a world of Mons who can be captured, trained, transformed, and traded with others. 

Combining the realms of Virtual Reality and Blockchain, Ethermon is the first gaming world where you can truly own your assets, without any worries of it being influenced or stolen. So, are you ready for a gaming experience like never before? 

Level one mons are currently available in the store and can be bought. The mons can be trained to evolve and lay eggs, which would increase the value. As the number of mons is limited, they will only be available in trade markets ones all are sold out. 

Also, did we tell you there are gyms and castles both? Yeah, even we want to live in a world that has both!


13. AirSwap 

“Blockchain is Hard. AirSwap is easy”, is what appears on their landing page, and it is totally true. Having focused on building it while keeping intuitiveness and user-friendliness in mind, trading on AirSwap is as easy as it can ever get. 

With features like “No fees, No deposits, and No sign-ups”AirSwap is a great platform for a newbie in crypto trading to get a feel for the process. Moreover, it’s secure and liquid nature work as cherries on top of a tasty cake! One can contact the counterparties and even negotiate the prices over encrypted chat interface. 

Another great news is that AirSwap can be easily integrated with your own app/website. Built jointly by Fluidity and ConsenSys, Airswap is easily one of the best places to start your crypto journey. Because, as they say, ‘Blockchain is hard. AirSwap is easy.’ 


14. Dice2.win 

Gamblers, Risk-takers, Destiny believers, lend me your ears. Dice2win Dapp offers fair Ethereum based games (they also promise a very low house edge). From flipping a coin, roll dice, guess the sum of two dice to Etheroll, Dice2.win has all one needs to test their luck and earn some Ether. 

The most distinguishing things about Dice2.win is that they don’t require much hassle on signing up and that their games are provably fair. This claim is backed by open-source contracts and the simple reason that they have processed around 3,00,000 bets on a

Blockchain-based technology (blockchain implies that history cannot be altered, modified, or deleted) is more than reasonable proof to trust it. 

Anyone with a shade of suspicion can head over to their Medium blog where they have clarified their positions and even responded to an audit that “claimed” to have exposed the loopholes in their contract or have a chat in their Telegram group with the actual users. 


15. MLB Crypto Baseball 

Major League Baseball joined hands with Lucid Sight (game developer) to turn all their active players in the 30 pro teams in baseball cards with a slight catch. Instead of the traditional card game, they turned it into collectables. 

Powered by cryptocurrency, they released very few cards for the big players, keeping the supply low so as to increase their value – it’s a collectable after all. Written over Ethereum Blockchain, neither the MLB, not Lucid Sight can later change the rules and decide to sell more. 

The idea is that the digital holders of cards will receive points as per the real-life performances of the actual players while the league is going on. Another rare difference that MLB Crypto Baseball has as compared to other “fantasy leagues” is that it encourages its users to collect more collectable from the same team – instead of diversifying. 

Soon the Android and iOS apps are to be released, and after that, just let the fun begin!


16. Augur 

One of the oldest Dapp in this list, Augur was founded in 2014. However, after crowdfunding in 2015, the project was formally launched in 2018. Although the backend mechanism of using crypto-based blockchain to power trading is the same, but the manner in which it is to be used is pretty different. And interesting. 

Augur is a prediction based market. Which is to say, users bet on the outcome of events, trade shares as per their intuition and gut feeling. If you hold it long enough for the outcome to be resolved (and you turn out to be right), then you would get a payout on your Ethereum based wallet. 

So what’s holding you back? Use your political knowledge to forecast outcomes of elections, or your intuition to predict the next day’s weather. From speculating market prices to event hedging, everything can be predicted here. And the best part about being right apart from the Ether? You get to tell your friends, “I told you so”. 


17. 0x Protocol 

0x is Ethereum based open protocol, that facilitates peer to peer exchange of assets. With over $750 Million total volume exchanged over 700k transactions, encompassing 30 projects, 0x Protocol is easily one of the most used Protocols in the industry. 

Trusted by projects like Radar, Paradex, Instex, and Veil among many others, 0x helps developers secure Non-custodial Trading and build a business around it. 0x’s contracts have been heavily tested, and it takes an efficient approach to p2p exchange that reduces the bloat that can be caused on the blockchain supporting it. 

0x is a little different from others in the sense that it is less of a trading exchange and more of an infrastructure for the crypto economy. As more and more “assets” become tokenized, establishing public blockchains will help preserve transparency. 


18. Hyper Dragons 

Hyper Dragons is another Ethereum based blockchain Dapp used to power a digital collectable game. The users can buy/trade Dragons (each of whom is uniques in their own way). The Warrior Dragons can be trained in three features – skills hit points, and glory, and can be used to fight matches. 

As it is being powered by Blockchain, it comes with the inherent benefit of transparency and non-modifiability. Add to it, the dragons have their own measure of cuteness and coolness. The developers are constantly innovating the game by introducing new features and reducing the hassle in linking your crypto-wallet. They also send out regular community updates via Medium.


19. Crypto Space Commander 

Crypto Space Commander Dapp is one of the coolest crypto games out there. Taking the user to a world filled with thrills and jaw-dropping graphics, the game is certainly a treat for the eyes. We have all heard about battleships in the oceans, but CSC gives the chance to command your own “Starships”. 

A multiplayer game being operated on sandbox space, CSC is a real-time player-controlled economy, who can travel to different star systems, mine planetary objects for precious resources, and sell/buy/trade ships. 

To make matters more fascinating, all spaceships come with the futuristic FTL technology (Faster than light), which makes travelling faraway distances a little less time-consuming. Discovering an ore is considered to be of great value, as it can be crafted into many useful modules and sold. 


20. Etheroll 

Just like Dice2.win, Etheroll Dapp is a gambling-bet based dapp built over a blockchain. The only difference is that Etheroll is much simpler and it has just a single game – roll a dice. The die can be proved to be fair, the house-edge is mere 1%, and just like the former, it requires no signups or deposits. 

For placing bets, it uses an Ether smart contract, and the results are not only random but also secure (because of blockchain, no one can refute a win). The entire process and website are so simple and intuitive that one doesn’t even need to search for the “play area” to start with the betting. 

Being one of the simplest to use betting dapp, Etheroll does the job pretty elegantly. 

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The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised when investing in or trading with cryptocurrency. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision.

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