Tuesday, June 22, 2021

TRX surges as McAfee promises to launch DEX on Tron

The Takeaway:

McAfee announced the launch of his decentralized exchange McAfee DEX which would be working on the Ethereum blockchain platform. In a tweet thread, he hinted people that his DEX service would be soon launched on Tron as well.

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On 5th October, John McAfee announced the launch of his decentralized exchange platform McAfee DEX which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and provides support for ERC-20 related tokens. It will be launched in the beta version, and soon, it will support more tokens on its platform.

The cryptocurrency market was going through a slump as the prices were crashing hard. However, Tron’s TRX saw a sudden spike in its price after some time of the announcement. John McAfee unofficially gave a hint in Tweets that he will soon launch the service for the Tron platform as well. This unofficial announcement can be linked with the sudden spike in TRX.

This sudden spike moved TRX in the list of top 12 best-performing coins along with BTC, ETH, and XRP. XRP also witnessed a rise in its charts as the price moved towards the resistance levels. Bitcoin corrected upwards by trading above $8,000.

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Ramon AnderSon
Ramon AnderSon
Ramon is a senior market research analyst who is very passionate about bitcoin. He has a degree in Applied Science from Assumption College, Worcester.

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