Wednesday, October 27, 2021

UK hospitals use blockchain technology to track the temperature of COVID vaccines.

The Takeaway:

Two hospitals in the U.K. are actively using blockchain technology to help maintain the temperature of coronavirus vaccines before administering them to patients.

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According to the CNBC report, the National Health Service facilities in South Warwickshire, England, are using tech developed by U.K. firm Everyware and U.S. organization Hedera Hashgraph. Everyware uses sensors to monitor equipment in real-time, while Hedera is a blockchain consortium backed by the likes of Google and IBM. Originally intended as the digital ledger underpinning bitcoin, blockchain has since been adopted by various industries for applications outside the realm of finance.


Blockchain would help keep a tamper-proof digital record of temperature-sensitive vaccines.

These hospitals are using blockchain to keep a tamper-proof digital record of temperature-sensitive vaccines, like the ones developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. The U.K. hospitals would, in theory, be able to pick up on any irregularities in the storage of the vaccines before administering them to patients. Pfizer’s vaccine must be stored at subzero temperatures (-70 degrees Celsius). It can only last at two-to-eight degree Celsius conditions for up to five days, creating big hurdles for the logistics in distributing it. However, vaccines developed by Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca, however, can be stored at temperatures that are within reach of the average home refrigerator for longer.


Regulators around the world acknowledge the potential of blockchain tech. 

Singapore had reported that it witnessed a 30% growth in its blockchain sector. Not just Singapore, many other countries witnessed substantial growth in the blockchain industry. Regulators across countries have acknowledged blockchain tech’s potential, and many are onboard with its mass adoption. Blockchain tech, which was launched as a technology to underpin the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is now being used in many sectors. The technology is currently being used in fields, including healthcare and logistics. South Korea recently revealed its plan to use blockchain in the healthcare sector. 

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