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Want to venture early into the Metaverse? introduces Metaverse domains!

The Takeaway:

The future holds a completely different vision in terms of how we understand the internet at the moment. The word metaverse has become a common phrase at this point. How do we define metaverse though? Well, metaverse can be broadly defined as the shift that we are experiencing in the way we perceive and interact with the internet and also the way it works. 

Everything is about to change. The metaverse is already progressively taking over the internet with the inculcation of Elements such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, decentralized economics, and much more. The internet is forming a new shape and we are all up for it. 

Since it is such an interesting and exciting topic, why wouldn’t anyone want to wander into the abyss that it is? Well, has the perfect solution for you to step into the metaverse in its early steps. Through .metaverse NFT domain names and here’s how. introduces .Metaverse domain names has an array of NFT domain names also often called crypto domain names. These are decentralized domain names that act as digital assets that can be individually owned and applied without a third party involvement. .metaverse NFT domain names are basically TLDs based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can find your favorite metaverse NFT domain names on and here’s how you can mint yourself one. 

To mint a .metaverse NFT domain name for yourself you will need to login to Then you can proceed to search for your favorite .metaverse NFT domain name. If it is available, you will be able to mint it for yourself by paying the minting fee. If it isn’t available then you can simply buy it from the current owner through the P2P solution that provides. 

After you mint the metaverse NFT domain name or buy it for yourself it remains yours until you decide to sell it. There is no additional or renewal fee. You can store it in a cryptocurrency wallet just like any other digital asset. You can create decentralized websites and also use the NFT domain as your crypto wallet address once Quik launches its web extension in the future. This helps a lot since the default wallet addresses are long and cumbersome and prone to mistakes. makes the entire process super easy and in case you ever wanted to sell your metaverse NFT domain name, you can always do it on and other NFT marketplaces such as Opensea. The metaverse is taking over at a good pace and is set to act as a catalyst to drive people to a path that leads to the futuristic promises of the metaverse. and its future plans in terms of Metaverse

As of now, the .metaverse NFT domain names are available on and they can be bought, minted, and sold. Apart from having the ability to host decentralized websites and being used as wallet addresses using the Quik browser extension, more uses might show up as the ecosystem moves forward. 



The metaverse as we know it is not a single entity and does not have a single definition. It has a flexible definition and has a lot more or it than we can fathom at any given point. Technology is moving forward at a terrific pace and we discover and apply something new every day. provides you with an opportunity to get yourself a piece of the metaverse through the .metaverse NFT domains. The best time to venture into new tech is when it is in its infant stages and since the metaverse is only starting off, what would be a better time than now? Go get yourself a .metaverse NFT domain from right away!

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Glenn Harper
Glenn Harper
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