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Web3 is about to be the new internet:’s NFT Domains have a way for you into it

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For many, the idea of a utopian internet where there is the existence of a singular authority or even a monopolized system of overseers is a distant imagination. But in reality, the idea of free internet is not far from becoming normalized. Web3 poses as the internet controlled by the masses, based on blockchain. Completely decentralized with no overseers, hefty regulations, and a ton of privacy. 

The websites on this new Internet will all be decentralized, with no third-party control. They’ll be housed on web 3.0 NFT domain names, which will be digital assets controlled by their respective proprietors. So, what exactly are NFT domain names? They’re domains that are created on a blockchain and aren’t controlled by a central body like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). As a result, unlike traditional domain names, which were unable to realize their full potential due to centralized authorities’ control and restrictions, these NFT domain names will have a wide range of applications in multiple ecosystems. is a Web3 NFT domain marketplace that also has a P2P marketplace where buyers and sellers may engage and complete transactions. It has the .web3 TLD that can be connected to your NFT domain names to make them more available for people looking for targeted content on the niche on the web3. Here are a few reasons why you need to get yourself a web3 domain name from 


Reasons to get yourself a .web3 domain name on

There are many reasons to get yourself an NFT domain name.

  • NFT domain names are simply way better than conventional domain names because of the technology that they are based on ; blockchain. 
  • Their applications are not restricted by central authorities such as the ICANN.
  • They need to be minted on the blockchain once and then there is no further renewal or hidden fee.
  • They can be used to host decentralized websites on the web3.
  • They create excellent opportunities for content creation on the web3.
  • They are individually acquirable and are a new digital asset class that can be stored on your crypto wallets
  • They can be used as a replacement for your crypto wallet’s hexadecimal address to ease transactions. 
  • They can be sold and/or auctioned on NFT marketplaces such as, making you eligible for 5% royalty on all transactions following the sale to eternity.

These are a few from the many reasons why you should be getting yourself a web3 domain name from You’re interested? Well here’s how you can get one for yourself. 


How to get yourself a Web3 domain name on

First, you will need to visit and create an account on the website. The next step would be to connect your metamask or trust wallet to the website. After this you can choose the .web3 TLD from the list of TLDs. Then, simply go to the search bar and type in the NFT domain name of your choice. If it’s available then you will see a mint button. Pressing this button will initiate a transaction that you will have to confirm on your cryptocurrency wallet. After that, the NFT domain name will be minted and become yours. 

On the Ecosystem, you will soon be able to use a chrome extension that will allow you to browse the web3 as well as use the IPFS to host your own decentralized website on the web3. Apart from that, the ecosystem will allow you to replace your crypto wallet address with your NFT domain name soon. These are just a few applications that will soon be possible on the ecosystem. Further use cases will come up as the ecosystem moves on further. 

So, with web3 about to become the internet of tomorrow, and the benefits that come with the NFT domain names, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the humongous change early on. Visit today and get yourself your Web3 NFT domain name. 

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Jesse Kirby
Jesse Kirby
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