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What are the best Blockchain jobs & careers available today?

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In this article, we have discovered some of the top technical and non-technical blockchain jobs that you can go for in 2020 if you aim at building a career in the industry.

Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing sectors that has given rise to some of the top emerging jobs in India, that was hard to imagine a decade ago. LinkedIn’s report (1), which talks about the emerging jobs of 2020, mentions how the adoption and application of blockchain across industries will lead to a surge in demand for blockchain developers in India. 

The Startup India initiative has helped kickstart several businesses that offer their blockchain-related services to the firms and companies at a more significant level. Because of the high demand and low supply of blockchain developers, the compensation awarded to individuals is often high. 


Best Blockchain Jobs and Careers 2020

The blockchain industry has generated multiple jobs for individuals, be it technical or not technical. You can even write yourstory as a blockchain developer or the story of blockchain technology for several blockchain tech exclusive publications catering to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts. 


1. Blockchain Developer

As a blockchain developer, you’ll be responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols for a firm or an organization. Since there a low demand for blockchain developers in the market, you might be levied on with some heavy work at times, but it also guarantees a robust career path for the future. 


2. Blockchain Writer

Multiple tech publications cater to an audience that has their minds and souls invested in the crypto and blockchain industry. As a blockchain writer, you can communicate your knowledge and the latest updates about the blockchain industry to your audience. 

Publications are always on a hunt for enthusiastic blockchain writers that can guide their users on various topics like blockchain news, blockchain facts, educational blockchain content, informative content on blockchain internship meaning, and more. 


3. Blockchain Designer

Not only has the blockchain technology changed the backend development algorithm for individuals, but has also forayed into the frontend, creating a reliable and frictionless user interface.

Companies are out on a constant hunt looking for blockchain designers that assist in creating efficient and smooth web designs, denoting a better user experience with the advanced blockchain technology. You can try to get internship hire at a company and work under the guidance of a blockchain designer to develop your skills in the field. 


4. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers have experienced blockchain developers that assist in testing and ensuring all the activities conducted in the blockchain environment have been carried ahead efficiently and do not hold any faults. 

They are similar to quality assurance engineers that guide the test strategy for blockchain development and maintain the Quality Assurance test standards of the blockchain development process. 



Blockchain tech is an evolving technology, which is why it is a source of emerging jobs in the field of blockchain. A new position can open up in the future for blockchain tech as soon as a new requirement shows up. Overall, these were some of the top technical and non-technical blockchain jobs of 2020 that you can pursue if you wish to build a career in the high demanding blockchain industry. 

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Thomas Gonzales
Thomas Gonzales
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